10 Controversial Gaming Opinions You Should Keep To Yourself

8. Bethesda Make Terrible Games

Mario Overrated

Bethesda should stick to designing worlds. The worlds of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout are so intricate and detailed. The lore is spectacular, and wandering around these vast open spaces is simply a joy to behold. Everything is crammed with stuff to see and places to go, with small stories interwoven with locations.

However, the actual game aspects leave a lot to be desired. Combat is clunky and the overarching stories are clumsily handled with characters lacking any actual character. Quests amount to the same cycle of kill or fetch quests.

It's a shame, because the worlds are so engrossing. It's just interacting with those worlds needs a lot of work.

And Bethesda seems to understand this. There was a lot of effort put into Fallout 4, with the combat being given a massive overhaul. But the characters and everything else lacked in that same polish. When their focus shifts, something else is always destined to suffer as a consequence.


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