15 Famous Video Game Tattoos (And What They Actually Mean)

12. Corv - Dishonored

The intriguing mark on the hand of Dishonored's enigmatic hero is one of the most understated and powerful tats in gaming. Like so many of us in real life, Corvo gets it without knowing exactly how, waking up to find it branded into his hand. It turns out that his new tat isn't just a regrettable result of having drunk too much of Dunwall's finest grogs, but that it's an 'Outsider's Mark' - a brand given by a mysterious figure who gifts people with supernatural abilities like teleportation, double jumps and, erm, turning into rats. What's more, the thing glows whenever Corvo carries out one of his supernatural tricks - which is surely something that any sane person would happily have etched under their skin. Sure, it's prone to occasionally smoking and burning Corvo's flesh from the inside, but that's not enough to stop the Outsider's Mark being one of the best-value video game tats around.
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