6 Footballers Who Totally Betrayed Their Manager

Those times when a manager's faith in a player totally backfired.


The beautiful game is a fascinating ever-changing sport, and the growing impact of player power is something that constantly seems to be growing from season to season.

Nowadays, it's not always the case that the manager gets to call all of the shots or wield the most power. No, these days, it can often be a case of the inmates running the asylum as players and their ridiculously huge contracts can be the be-all and end-all of a club.

That in itself proposes so many potential risks and problems, but one particular issue this can throw up is how players can use their stock to screw over their managers and coaches. And sadly, this is something that has happened so many times over the years.

If a player isn't happy about something that the manager has said, how the manager is wanting to implement their tactics, or which position the manager wishes for a player to play in, a high-power footballer won't think twice about going over the manager's head or outright refusing to play.

Sticking with that school of thought, then, here are six such examples of brutal betrayals from players.

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