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8 Totally Batsh*t Things People Actually Believe

Tinfoil hats at the ready, chaps.
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Irrational Man Review - Another Year, The Same Old Woody Allen Film

Blue Jasmine it ain't.
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Cannes 2015: Woody Allen's Irrational Man (Video Review)

The first word on Allen's forty-fifth film.
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10 Incredibly Talented Actors Who Will Never Win An Oscar

Some actors have all the talent and none of the luck.
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Oscars 2015: 10 Outrageous Decisions That Are Completely Wrong

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10 Great Movies With Plots That Make Your Head Hurt

We strongly recommend you pull on your thinking caps before hitting the play button.
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7 Insanely Dedicated Acting Performances That Were Totally Ignored

Because not everyone who goes method in Tinseltown gets the credit they deserve.
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Fantastic Four Reboot: 10 Actors Who Could Play Doctor Doom

Who should face off against Billy Elliot - uh, Jamie Bell - in the Fantastic Four reboot? Here are 10 potential candidates.…
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8 Biggest Omissions From The Oscar Nominations 2014

This year the most talked about decisions are those films and performances that were not chosen. …
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10 Phenomenally Talented Actors Who Have Never Won Oscars

It's the highest stamp of approval that lasts an entire career, yet these ten acting greats don't have a golden statue decorating their house. …
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