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20 Greatest Season Cliffhangers In TV History

The harbingers of unbearable waits.
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Hannibal Season 3: 10 Biggest Rumours You Must Hear

Liars and pyres and scares. Oh my!
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10 Things Hannibal Does Better Than The Movies

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Batman Vs Superman: 10 Superior Actors Who Should Have Been Lex Luthor

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10 Actors That Aren't Nearly As Well-Known As They Should Be

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Hannibal: A Doctor For All Ages?

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Mads Mikkelsen Exits Thor 2

Conflicts on NBC's Hannibal series rules him out of playing the villain in Thor 2.
By Nick Savvides

Chuck Star Zachary Levi To Play Fandral in Thor 2

Would replace Joshua Dallas as one of the Warriors Three.
By Matt Holmes

THE THREE MUSKETEERS Review - Dumas Must Be Climbing Out Of His Grave

Never mind turning over, this adaptation would have Alexandre Dumas climbing out of his grave and hunting the filmmakers down to beat them to death with a hardback edition of his original masterpiece.…
By Adam Rayner