Kurt Angle Returning To WWE Next Week

Angle is black-and-gold bound on 27 May.

Kurt Angle NXT

Kurt Angle will return to WWE programming to officiate the Timothy Thatcher vs. Matt Riddle Cage Fight on the 27 May episode of NXT, the promotion has confirmed.

Per the copy, the Olympic Gold Medalist will serve as the special guest referee as Riddle and Thatcher attempt to settle their differences in a contest that can only be won by knockout or tap-out, though it sounds like this won't be a conventional WWE-style cage. The company appears to be teasing something closer to the UFC's Octagon.

Whatever the case, Angle will be there despite being let go as part of WWE's mass releases on 15 April. The Olympian hadn't been used in a regular onscreen capacity but had been working backstage since his WrestleMania 35 retirement match. A number of other behind-the-scenes staffers including Lance Storm, Billy Kidman, and Dave Finlay were placed on furlough that same day.

Angle becomes the second WWE employee to be used in NXT since being "released," with Drake Maverick still alive in the Interim Cruiserweight Championship tournament. He faces Kushida and Jake Atlas in a three-way Group A tiebreaker on next week's NXT.

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