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If WWE Was Being Honest About Tag Team Wrestling

Undisputedly in need of change.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Times WWE Pressed The Panic Button

Vince McMahon writes sins, not tragedies...
By Michael Hamflett

What Really Happened To…Bruiser Brody

Exploring one of wrestling’s grisliest ever incidents, and the divisive performer at its centre.…
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Totally Gross And Gruesome WWE Visuals

Things Get Ugly...
By Michael Hamflett

10 Alternative Happy Endings To Universally Hated Wrestling Storylines

The Director's Cut.
By Michael Sidgwick

The Many Faces Of Kevin Nash Ranked - From Worst To Best

A Diesel-powered journey along a Yellow Brick Road
By Michael Hamflett

8 Tag Teams That Prove WWE Should Push Mixed Wrestling

Being inter-gender specific.
By Adam Clery

7 Quick Fixes To Save WWE SummerSlam 2018

A small summer party
By Michael Hamflett

11 Baffling Moments From WWE Extreme Rules 2018

This ain't no Mensa meeting.
By Benjamin Richardson

WWE Extreme Rules 2018: 10 Things We Learned

Extremely disappointing...
By Michael Patterson

Why WWE Have Already Killed Asuka

No Tomorrow
By Michael Hamflett

Why WWE Forgave Hulk Hogan

After three years in the cold, 'The Hulkster' is back in the Hall Of Fame.
By Andrew Murray
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The Rock's 25 Greatest Instagram Posts Of All Time

Selfies, workout and MOUNTAINS of food...
By Simon Gallagher

WWE Extreme Rules 2018: Star Ratings For All 12 Matches

Too many cooks overbook.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Impulse Reactions

"And That's A Shoot, Brother..."
By Michael Hamflett

WWE Extreme Rules 2018: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Utter mediocrity.
By Jack Pooley

WWE Extreme Rules 2018: 12 Results Predictions

By Benjamin Richardson

25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (July 15th)

Half-Year winners, ballers and a legend returns...
By Simon Gallagher

8 Storylines That Will Revitalise WWE In The Second Half Of 2018

Things can only get better from here.
By Tom Beasley

10 Wrestlers You Wouldn't Believe Competed In A G1 Climax

The unremarkable G1 appearances by gaijin, who paved the way for Kenny Omega.
By M. Oliver