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WWE Hold Secret Meeting With Impact Wrestling

WWE and Impact Wrestling working together?
By WhatCulture

WWE Quiz: How Well Do You Know Braun Strowman?

Time to seperate the monsters from the men from the boys.
By Scott Banner

WWE Class-Action Lawsuit Dismissed

Case involving over 50 former wrestlers thrown out.
By Benjamin Richardson

HUGE WWE Saudi Arabia Update: Crown Jewel PPV Announced, World Cup & More

Reigns Vs. Lesnar Vs. Strowman confirmed, HBK rumoured...
By Andrew Murray

WWE Starrcade 2018 Announced

Ric Flair in concert with Elias. Seriously.
By Benjamin Richardson

WWE's Vince McMahon To Meet With MSG Officials This Week

Apparently to discuss Axxess, and absolutely not ROH.
By Benjamin Richardson

WWE Scouting Brody King?

The Wrestling Observer say they are...
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE Confiscate Pro-Becky Lynch Signs At Hell In A Cell 2018?

Don't "boo the woo."
By Andrew Murray

Brock Lesnar Makes Surprise Appearance At WWE Hell In A Cell 2018

The Beast is back!
By Benjamin Richardson

WWE Hell In A Cell 2018: Huge Name, Champion Backstage *POSSIBLE SPOILER*

Two former title holders spotted in AT&T Center.
By Benjamin Richardson

WWE TLC 2018 Main Event Leaked?

This keeps happening.
By Benjamin Richardson

WWE's Jason Jordan May Never Wrestle Again

Injury is "a lot worse than they thought".
By Benjamin Richardson

The Undertaker's Greatest Rivals - How Much Do You Know?

Prove your knowledge about some of The Phenom's greatest foes, or you will REST. IN. PEACE.
By Jacob Simmons

WWE's Matt Hardy Announces Retirement

It's not wonderful news for fans of the Woken One.
By Benjamin Richardson

7 WWE Hell In A Cell Stats And Facts You Need To Know

Who could set a new record on Sunday? Who has been the most/least successful?
By Scott Carlson

WWE Hell In A Cell 2018 *SPOILER*: Huge Change Made To Cage

Things are going to look a little different this Sunday.
By Benjamin Richardson

WWE Quiz: How Well Do You Know Matt Hardy?

If you can get all ten right that would be WONDERFUL!
By Scott Banner

That Time DX Were So Hated WWF Fans RIOTED House Show

By Michael Hamflett

Dean Ambrose Opens Up About MRSA: "I Nearly Died"

The 'Lunatic Fringe' nearly met his unhinged maker.
By Dalton C. Wickett

10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Sept 14)

Mick Foley didn't quite enjoy his biggest moments as much as you did...
By Jamie Kennedy