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Gareth is 26 years old and lives in Cardiff. Interests include film, TV and an unhealthy amount of Spider-Man comics and Killers songs. Expect constant references to the latter two at all times. Follow on twitter @GJCartwright, or check out

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Spider-Man: 10 Ways Miles Morales Is Eclipsing Peter Parker

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20 Severely Underrated Pokémon That Deserve A Second Chance

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10 Major Fallout 4 Problems The Fans Won’t Admit

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10 Video Games That Don’t Deserve Their Masterpiece Status

If it has a flaw, it's not a 'masterpiece'. Done.
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The Division: 10 Ways You’re Playing It Wrong

With the free updates starting to arrive, make sure you're not getting left behind...
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10 Ways Assassin’s Creed 2017 Could Be The Best Yet

Like a great band taking a hiatus, Assassin's Creed could come roaring back to success.
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The Elder Scrolls VI: 10 Crucial Things Fans Need To See

Stay well away from Fallout 4's dialogue system, and we'll be okay.
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10 Terrible Video Game Sequels Fanboys Conveniently Forget About

'The Arkham Trilogy'... and that other one.
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Fallout 4's Upcoming DLC: Everything You Need To Know

Bethesda are lining up a lot of non-linear expansion.
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10 Things Pokémon Sun & Moon Must Fix From X & Y

Come on Nintendo, why no mid-battle evolutions?!
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The Division: 10 Crucial Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Did you know the animals actually have a purpose?
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The Killers: Ranking The Christmas Songs From Worst To Best

"Put your feet up, baby, it's Christmas time..."
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10 Video Games That Will Eventually Be Regarded As Masterpieces

Some things will only get better with age.
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10 Severely Underrated Spider-Man Games You Must Play

There are some real hidden gems out there for fans of the Wall-Crawler.
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10 Spider-Man Comic Arcs That Would Make Incredible Video Games

Batman got the Arkham series, Spidey needs one of these. Simple.
Lego Dimensions

9 Ways The Gaming Industry Is Currently Trolling All Of Us

Do you feel respected as a consumer by the industry right now?
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10 Reasons You Were Wrong About GTA IV

The under-appreciated sibling of the GTA family deserves far more praise.
Halo Grunt

15 Most Hilariously Useless Enemies In Gaming History

Come take a look at some of gaming's greatest chocolate teapots.
Brandon Flowers of The Killers performing on the Main Stage during day two of the V Festival, at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, Essex.

Brandon Flowers: 10 Best Covers You Need To Hear

The Killers' frontman has put together one hell of a discography.
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Fallout 4: 10 Great Open World Games It Must Learn From

The genre GTA built has plenty to offer the Wasteland and all within it.
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Spider-Man: 5 Things Marvel Will Miss From The Amazing Series

The prodigal son has returned to Marvel Studios, but what will be missed from Sony's reboot…
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Elder Scrolls VI: 10 Simple Fixes That Would Improve Everything

Skyrim is gaming royalty, but it's easy to see what needs to be done better.
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10 Reasons You Were Wrong About Assassin's Creed 3

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Fallout 4: 10 Fan-Favourite Characters That Could Return

The Master lives.
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Assassin's Creed Unity: 8 Things It Does Better Than The Rest

Contrary to popular opinion, Ubisoft's latest did get some things very right.
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Fallout 4: 10 Things It Must Learn From Mass Effect

It's not just Elder Scrolls that can teach Fallout 4 a thing or ten...
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Spider-Man: 10 Greatest Spider-Verse Cameos So Far

The greatest (and weirdest) of your alternate friendly neighbour Spider-Men...
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger dejected on the touchline during the UEFA Champions League Group D match at Emirates Stadium, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday November 4, 2014. See PA story SOCCER Arsenal. Photo credit should read Nick

5 Problems That Are Blighting Arsenal's Season

Is 4th place once again the best Wenger can hope for?
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10 Essential Fixes The PS4 Desperately Needs

One year on, Sony's PS4 needs these fixes to remain king of the console world...