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12 Greatest Ever Comic Book Movie Anti-Heroes

It's good to be a little bit bad.

3 Nov 2015 Simon Gallagher

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8 Reasons PS4 Owners Are Jealous Of The Xbox One

Yeah, our controllers last longer than 20 minutes. It's awesome.

31 Oct 2015 Scott Tailford

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11 Batman Movie Villains We Almost Got To See

The alternate Rogues' Gallery...

14 Oct 2015 Simon Gallagher

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12 Great Movies That You'll Never Watch Again (And Why)

Once is quite enough, thank you very much.

11 Oct 2015 Phil Archbold

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15 Best Open-World Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

From Skyrim to Arkham Knight, MGS V, The Witcher 3 and beyond.

10 Oct 2015 Scott Tailford

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Thor: Ragnarok - 12 Huge Rumours You Need To Know

Fire demons. No Natalie Portman and LOTS of death...

3 Oct 2015 Simon Gallagher

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The Simpsons: 10 Hidden Jokes Everybody Missed

After so many years, there are still secrets to be found in The Simpsons.

3 Oct 2015 Alexander Pan

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What Does The Ending Of The Martian Really Mean?

Here's the rub...

30 Sep 2015 Alex Leadbeater


11 Superstars Who Appeared In WWE As Kids

Appearances that prove they are living the dream today...

10 Sep 2015 Ross Tweddell

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8 Stupidest Banned Words In The WWE

...and he's a WWE Superstar, not a pro-wrestler!

9 Sep 2015 Kevin Latimer


21 Rare Nikki Bella Images You Need To See

One of the longest reigning Divas Champions ever is also one of the most photogenic!

5 Sep 2015 Jamie Kennedy


10 Reasons For WWE's Ratings Plummet

When was the last time Monday Night Raw was truly unmissable?

4 Sep 2015 Jamie Kennedy


10 Epic Million Dollar Ideas WWE Refuse To Use

How can they not book Stone Cold vs Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania?

4 Sep 2015 Grahame Herbert


10 Most Dangerous Wrestling Finishers Ever

Well, he's not getting up after THAT, is he?

26 Aug 2015 Lewis Howse

film 20th Century Fox

Fantastic Four Review: 7 Stupid Blunders That Totally Ruin The Film

And you thought 2005's Doctor Doom was bad.

5 Aug 2015 Alex Leadbeater


10 Desperate Moves WWE Made In A Panic Over Low Ratings

Panic will make Vince McMahon do strange things.

25 Jul 2015 Erik Beaston

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10 Controversial Moments In Hulk Hogan's WWE Career

Drugs, domestic violence, sex, racism, all running wild.

24 Jul 2015 Grahame Herbert

gaming Rocksteady

Batman: Arkham Knight - 10 Big Story Moments Fans Will Debate For Years

Joker's blood can do WHAT exactly?!

22 Jul 2015 Ewan Paterson

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18 Greatest Last Levels In Gaming History

Everyone remembers where they were the day they played through these iconic endings.

9 Jul 2015 Josh Brown