Mass effect 3

16 Worst Video Game Levels Of The Decade (So Far)

'Cross-genre appeal' can be crippling.
By Scott Tailford
best selling games 2010-2015

15 Best-Selling Video Games Since 2010 - Ranked Worst To Best

Do sales figures actually represent quality?
By Scott Tailford
GTA V secrets

GTA V: 8 Disturbing Locations & Secrets You Totally Missed

Forget the torture scene, GTA's darkest moments have been hiding under your nose this entire…
By Josh Brown

20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About GTA

From GTA V's cut cross-dressing heist mission to the unexpected origins of iconic characters...
By Jack Pooley
GTA V Trevor

14 Best Acting Performances In Video Game History

As the medium continues to rival cinema more directly, what are the most standout performances?
By Ewan Paterson
Gta V Trevor

10 Ways Grand Theft Auto Lied To Us

In Los Santos, lying is just another sin...
By Thomas Wesson
GTA V torture

9 Most Disgusting Things Video Games Forced You To Do

Sever the finger, or abandon your kidnapped son?
By Scott Tailford
Overrated games decade

15 Most Overrated Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

Don't just say you like something because you're 'supposed' to.
By Scott Tailford
GTA V trevor mountain chiliad

10 Best GTA V Mods That Make It The Perfect Game

Photo-realistic graphics, more interiors, classic features and even the option to play as the…
By Robert Zak
drug sequences games

10 Biggest WTF Drug Sequences In Video Games

Because if there's something GTA's missing, it's an alien probing sequence.
By Robert Zak
Mario Kart GTA Mod

GTA V: 15 Most Insane PC Mods You Need To See

Have you ever wanted to mow down the denizens of Los Santos in a Mario Kart? Look no further.
By Carlos Jimenez
GTA V rockstar editor

GTA V: Rockstar Editor Gives You A Massive Reason To Revisit San Andreas

Previously PC-only video suite coming to PS4 and Xbox One.
By Scott Tailford
GTA V Heist

GTA VI: 10 Awesome Things That Must Return From V

Evolution not revolution is key for even more success.
By Matty Coxhill
Gta V

GTA: 15 Insane Mods You Need To Check Out

Thought the whales mod was the craziest thing people have thought of?
By Carlos Jimenez
10 Psychotic Video Game Heroes Who Really Should Creep Us Out

GTA VI: 10 Things It Must Learn From V

From fixing the police to landing a satisfying punch.
By Scott Tailford
Gta V Heists 7

GTA Online Heists: 10 Ways To Dominate Los Santos

How to make friends and annihilate people.
By Adam Clery
Gta V Heists 3

GTA V Online Heists: 9 Essential Tips You Need To Know

Without these you'll not even get far enough to unlock the Hydra.
By Scott Tailford
Grand Theft Auto V Ufo

10 Amazing Unsolved GTA V Mysteries

Ghosts, aliens, sasquatchs... and nineties porn stars.
By Tom Baker
Gta V Trevor 2

GTA VI: 10 Big Things It Must Fix

Following $137 million dollars for GTA V, you have to expect something truly incredible.
By Josh Brown
Gta London New

GTA VI: 10 International Locations That Could Be Used

It's time to take GTA overseas.
By Alex Antliff
Gta V Amanda Easter Egg

GTA V: 10 Offensive Easter Eggs You Need To See For Yourself

Just try not to take them to heart.
By Jamie Kennedy
Gta V Trevor Phllips

10 Best GTA Characters Of All Time

Which characters stand out as the absolute best the series has to offer?
By Jamie Kennedy
Gta V Liberator

GTA V: 11 Brand New Secrets And Easter Eggs You Need To Check Out

Murder mysteries, monster trucks and... a jetpack?!
By Scott Tailford
Gta V Whore

9 Gaming Moments In 2014 That Made Everyone Uncomfortable

Picking up prostitutes and riding the bull!
By Tom Butler
Gta V Banned

10 Most Scandalous Gaming Moments Of 2014

Yes, more women in games! Erm, on second thought...
By Tom Baker
Gta V5

12 Awesome Video Game Alternate Endings

You thought you'd seen the best? Think again!
By Jack Pooley
Gta V Trevor

GTA VI: 11 Things That Must Be Included

A wishlist that can't be ignored.
By Jack Pooley
Gta V First Person

GTA V - 21 Amazing VIDEOS Showcasing First-Person

Watch the best of the basics in Rockstar's new perspective... with minimal violence!
By James McGrath

GTA V: 11 More Things You Didn't Know

Are there really 27 new playable characters?
By James McGrath
Gta V Zombies 2

13 Video Game DLCs Everyone Would Pay For

GTA V zombies would already have our cash.
By Jack Pooley