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16 Rarest Xbox 360 Games Ever

You could be sitting on a goldmine.

25 Sep 2015 Scott Tailford

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9 Oddly Terrible Levels In Otherwise Great Video Games

How many great games have you played and enjoyed until you found an especially difficult and irritating level?

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10 Exceptional First-Person Shooter Games That Defined The Last 10 Years

Hundreds of first-person shooters have been released over the course of the last decade: which ones will we still be talking about in 10 years time?

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7 Best Halo Maps

23 Jan 2013 Barry O Halloran

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Xbox All-Stars Fighting: Who We Would Pick

WhatCulture! explores a fantasy world where Microsoft answers the call for an Xbox 360 brawler.

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Bungie Ends Halo Era With An Eye-Opening Infographic

On the off chance you've been living in the deepest reaches of the universe, far away from Earth, let me be the first to tell you that Halo is a big deal.

3 Apr 2012 Michael Shelton