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10 Songs Forever Ruined By TV Shows

For that awful association we all have between the end of The Sopranos and THAT Journey…
By Victoria Irwin
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5 Ways Supernatural Became Its Own Spin-off

Shows evolve and change over time, but Supernatural went further than most.
By Kaitlin Bevis
Kif Futurama

10 Science Fiction TV Episodes To Watch While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a weird thing as it is. Don't go and make it weirder by watching these shows...
By Sarah Gortarez

18 Most Memorable Evil Twins In TV History

By Chantelle Barton

11 Awesome TV Characters That Keep Getting Unfairly Sidelined

When an awesome TV character gets sidelined, it's often a matter of the writers never…
By Kelly Scanlon
The Walking Dead Tv

10 TV Shows You Should Be Definitely Watching In 2014

C'mon, it's not like you have anything better to do.
By Kelly Scanlon
Howard Big Bang Theory

6 Beloved TV Characters Who Are Clearly Going To Prison (If They Are Ever Caught)

In TV land, beloved characters can seemingly get away with anything...
By Baz Greenland

10 TV Shows Dominated By The Last Character You'd Expect

Nobody really intended for these guys to become main characters. Look at 'em now!
By John Quigley
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Supernatural: 20 Greatest Music Moments

By Laura Hurley

10 TV Shows That Went From Good To Great In 2013

Is there anything more satisfying than watching a TV show hit its stride? Probably, but for…
By Shawn Jackson
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10 TV Fan Favourites Who Suffered Shockingly Brutal Deaths

Because TV writers hate you, and want to make you horribly aware of that fact.
By Audrey Fox
The Wish1

10 Greatest Ever TV Alternate Universes

By Audrey Fox
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10 Minor TV Characters Who Ended Up Dominating The Series

By Audrey Fox
The Walking Dead

15 Behind The Scenes Images That Ruined Our Favourite TV Shows

By Saahil Dama
The Simpsons

10 Once Awesome TV Shows That Now Suck

By David Hoke

Supernatural 9.3, "I'm No Angel" Recap And Review

By Laura Hurley

Supernatural 9.2, "Devil May Care" - Recap And Review

By Laura Hurley
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Supernatural 9.1, "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" - Review & Recap

By Laura Hurley
Prophecy Girl

10 Gateway Episodes Of Great TV Shows

By Matthew Hurd
Tasha Yar

10 Unnecessary TV Deaths That Outraged The Fanboys

By Matt Martindale
Hannibal Sherlock

8 Fantasy TV Cross-Overs We Need To See

By Baz Greenland
Norman Reedus

10 Actors Who Became Cult Heroes From 1 TV Role

By Joe O'Brien

13 Characters That Should Appear In The Supernatural Spinoff

By Nathan Bartlebaugh

CW's Supernatural Spin-Off Gets A Pilot In Season Nine

By Nathan Bartlebaugh
Walking Dead - Daryl Dixon

10 Minor TV Characters Who Became Fan Favorites

By Penny Marie Sautereau
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Supernatural: A Look at Sam's Current Predicament

By Christopher Robertson

Supernatural:10 Greatest Episodes So Far

By Christopher Robertson

TV Review: Supernatural 8.4, "Bitten"

By Edward Brereton

TV Review: Supernatural 8.3, 'Heartache'

By Edward Brereton

TV Review: Supernatural 8.2, "What's Up, Tiger Mommy?"

By Edward Brereton