10 Boxing Matches That Will Make You An Instant Fan

Get yourself Ready to Rumble!


Boxing is a sport that has been knocking around since the days of Ancient Greece. So, as you'd probably expect its garnered quite a substantial following and a rich back catalogue of blockbuster contests over time.

Yet, the combat sport can sometimes seem quite unwelcoming for a newcomer due to that very same sacred and dense history - not to mention the fact that most boxing fans act as though they came out of the womb practising jab-cross-hook combinations.

Never fear!

As if you are one of these potential fans, unsure of what all the fuss is about when discussing one of the top attractions in all of sport, do we have the list for you.

Unexpected KO's, dominant championship reigns being massacred and legacies being established are all significant reasons as to why a casual boxing fan can soon become obsessed with the world between the ropes.

This list will highlight ten contests that are guaranteed to leave you wanting more, whilst also providing you with some valuable trivia to equip yourself with when taking on the sport's die-hards in a verbal sparring session down at your local.

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