10 Weirdest Football Transfers That Happened This Summer

If the transfer window has taught us anything it’s to expect the unexpected...

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Summer is a funny old time for a football fan. The sun is out and you know what that means? (No, put the guns away) Pasty, clans of ‘LADS’ will be gracing your local pitches for the ever sacred kickabout – flexing their substantial teckers and sweating what would appear to be other worldly amounts of fluid back into the earth. But it’s not all fun and games once June rolls around as there is a fatal price to pay for our pleasure…the end of the football season.

What will we do with our Weekends at the pub now?! Play darts? Converse over the finer intricacies and tannings of the viciously underrated Pinot Grigio? The thought of not opening our SkyBet app for a whole 2 months, isn’t one worth thinking about and what else is even on TV at 10.30 on a Saturday? If it’s not Match of The Day, it’s not…I can’t…ok, keep it together, man…fear not!

For, with the close to our beloved season, comes something with more twists and turns than a criminal in the midst of a tazer shock. Nope, we’re not talking about the ‘crucial’ pre-season friendlies…but you won’t tell me not to stay up till 3am to watch United take on a team in Japan at the peak of their powers…no, no, we’re talking about the opening of the transfer market. If the transfer window has taught us anything in its 17 years of conception, it’s to expect the unexpected and this summer has been no exception.

Join us as we guide you through the 10 WEIRDEST transfer of the Summer...

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