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10 Most Boring WWE Main Events Of All Time

Nothing can sink a PPV quicker than a main event that puts audiences to sle...zzzz.
By Bevan Morgan

10 Most Shocking WWE Betrayals

The best of enemies.
By David Cambridge

9 Last-Minute WWE Royal Rumble 2018 Rumours You Need To Know

Will it be a night to remember for WWE's Japanese contingent?
By John Bills

10 Greatest WWE Raw Endings Ever

It's been a wild ride.
By David Cambridge

10 Fascinating WWE Royal Rumble 2014 Facts

No crowd had ever been less happy to see Rey Mysterio.
By Justin Henry

WWE Royal Rumble: Best Performances From Every Entry Slot

Let's get ready to Royal Rumble.
By Scott Banner

10 Fascinating WWE Royal Rumble 2005 Facts

The WWE of tomorrow takes shape, while Vince is going to need a hand.
By Justin Henry

10 Biggest WWE Royal Rumble Disasters

"Remember the Rumble" was the 2017 tagline, though in some cases we'd be better off forgetting.
By Elliott Binks

10 Huge Signings WWE Must Make In 2018

Fishing in an impossible vast talent pool.
By Andrew Murray

10 Most Important Matches In The History Of WWE

78,000, 93,000; it hardly matters. It touched everybody.
By Michael Sidgwick