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Godzilla Vs. Kong: 10 Places The MonsterVerse Could Go Next

More Mecha-Titans? Another Mothra? Kong: Hollow Earth? Where will the MonsterVerse go next?
By James Hanton

15 Films You Didn't Realise Were Based On Comic Books

You would have never expected these movies to be comic book adaptations.
By James Egan

5 Reasons Why Cinema Is Dying And Needs To Evolve (And 2 Ways It Could Do That Instantly)

Cinema has been on the ropes for a while but why is that & how can it change to meet modern…
By Matt N

10 Most Delayed Films Ever

These films weren't just in development hell... they were in ACTUAL hell.
By James Egan

10 Abandoned Movie Sets You Can Visit In Real Life

Hollywood's most famous ghost towns you can enjoy...
By Martin Shore

10 Best Horror Movie Crossovers

Some things weren't meant to go together but lets put them together anyway and see what…
By Liz Barron

Ghost Of Tsushima: 10 Samurai Films You MUST Watch After Finishing The Story

After you've explored Ghost of Tsushima these are the essential films to watch.
By Daniel Richardson

8 Movies You Won’t Believe Turn 20 Years Old In July gallery

And this one time, at band camp, 20 fricking years ago!
By Patrick Pester

8 Upcoming Movies No One Asked For (But Will Probably See)

These movies may not have been on the top of fans' wish lists, they hold some serious…
By Dalan Overstreet

12 Most Emotionally Devastating Movie Moments Of 2017

Is somebody peeling onions in here?
By Helen Jones