7 Ups & 3 Downs From WWE SmackDown (28 Feb)

Rise above hate.


Bill Goldberg must've known he would face some boos on this week's SmackDown.

Heel or not, Bray Wyatt's 'Fiend' is a popular character, and sections of the fanbase didn't like big Billy strolling in during the most lucrative period of the year for a quick Universal Title win. The fact it also happened in (whisper it now) Saudi Arabia was almost too much for some to take.

The good news? WWE's decision-making was proven correct on this week's show. Now, instead of one big match (Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns), they've got two. Sure, one of them is a sort of/almost/kinda' WrestleMania re-run, but it's important to remember that Vince McMahon wants to appeal to as big an audience as he possibly can on 5 April.

It may surprise some to see quite so many 'Ups' in this week's article. The truth is that WWE know how to book a solid two-hour program during this time of year, and SmackDown was crystal clear evidence of how that typical company formatting works when they've got the right players in the right spots.

As always though, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. SmackDown had some 'Downs' too...

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