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Avengers: Age Of Ultron - 10 Heartbreaking Joss Whedon Deaths That Will Be Hard To Beat

Who will The Angel of Death, Joss Whedon, kill off this time?

22 Apr 2015 Baz Greenland

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Joss Whedon Says Agent Coulson Is Still Dead In The Movies

He's only alive on TV.

16 Apr 2015 Brendon Connelly

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20 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Avengers Movie

Who really pulled the trigger on fan-favourite Agent Coulson?

14 Apr 2015 Josh Wilding

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10 Terrible Recent Marvel Comics Moments That Shouldn't Make It Into The MCU

You'd have to be crazy to want to see these awful moments in a movie!

11 Feb 2015 Josh Wilding

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10 Comic Book Characters Race-Swapped On Film

Sometimes the best actor doesn't always share the same race as their comic book counterpart...

13 Dec 2014 Jack Gann


10 Ways Marvel Movies Misled You

These comic book movies sucked you in, then spat you out.

1 Dec 2014 K.J. Stewart

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10 Problems With The Avengers No One Wants To Admit

It's good, but it's far from perfect.

17 Nov 2014 Samuel Clements

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Captain America 3: 10 Questions About RDJ's Involvement

Just what are Marvel planning with Tony Stark?

18 Oct 2014 K.J. Stewart

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20 Unflattering Screencaps of Attractive Hollywood Stars

Even the most beautiful people have a bad side.

17 Oct 2014 K.J. Stewart

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Top 10 Avengers By Appearances

Out of the hundred-plus characters who have assembled, who are the most consistent?

12 Oct 2014 Percival Constantine

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10 Bizarre Superhero Porn Parodies You Won't Believe Exist

Childhood memories, prepare for a beating.

10 Sep 2014 Mark Allen

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10 Fan Theories That Link Totally Unrelated Movies

You won't cope with how ridiculous some of these are.

5 Sep 2014 Alex Leadbeater

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10 Biggest Parts Of The Marvel Movie Formula (That Will Destroy The Series)

Because Guardians Of The Galaxy was basically The Avengers IN SPACE.

2 Sep 2014 Alex Leadbeater

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10 Major Comic Book Conflicts We Expect To See In Future Marvel Movies

Epic battles from the comics that we anticipate seeing on film.

15 Aug 2014 K.J. Stewart

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18 Wonderful Avengers Memes You Need To See

The heart and soul of the internet...

3 Aug 2014 K.J. Stewart

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10 Terrible Mistakes That Almost Ruined The Avengers For Everyone

Man, maybe they should just disassemble...

16 Jul 2014 Tom Baker


10 Subtly Sexy Moments In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

We've somehow managed to limit this list to one Black Widow entry!

16 Jul 2014 K.J. Stewart

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Mark Ruffalo: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

Ruffalo's career has reached glorious highs and embarrassing lows.

11 Jul 2014 Sam Heard

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10 Relationships That Must Be Explored In Future Marvel Movies

Where the hell has Hawkeye been since The Avengers anyway?

6 Jun 2014 K.J. Stewart