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10 Hottest Gaming Trends To Keep An Eye On

2021, the year we all become PC gamers.
By James Wilson

10 Tiny Video Game Details Which Will Blow Your Mind

It was all happening right under your nose...
By Jules Gill

10 Best RPGs In A Modern Setting

Something a bit closer to home.
By Cameron Davies

Resident Evil: Every Playable Character Ranked Worst To Best

Who is the greatest Resident Evil protagonist?
By Andy Murray

10 Awesome Secret Endings In Recent Video Games

Reload that save IMMEDIATELY.
By Jack Pooley

8 Things Sega Wants You To Forget About Sonic The Hedgehog

Bill Clinton? Not a great role model over time...
By Jules Gill

6 Key Details As Pro Evolution Soccer Series Becomes EFootball

Konami has rebrand PES as eFootball, but what do we know about the new game?
By Simon Hahn

10 Video Games We'll Be Ashamed To Tell Our Kids About 1M+ Views

Some day we'll question why a violent car theft game has sold over 34 million copies.
By Scott Tailford

10 BRUTAL Video Games (Where You Don't Have To Kill Anybody)

These brutal games still let you choose to be a pacifist.
By Adrian Bishop

10 Best Video Games You Can Complete In One Sitting

Life is too short to play terrible games.
By Emily Watson

10 Video Games That Open On MAJOR Plot Twists

Most intense video game openings EVER.
By Jack Pooley

Pokémon: Every Gen 1 Game Ranked

Gotta play 'em all.
By Cameron Davies

8 Game Overs That Made You Say "WHAT?!"

Well, that de-escalated quickly.
By Jules Gill

8 Video Game Bosses The AI Killed For You

Stand back, I've got this.
By Jules Gill

All 15 Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Video Games Ranked

The crossover nobody asked for!
By Cameron Davies

10 Best Video Games Based On Comic Books

It doesn't happen often, but every once in a while, a video game based on a comic is pretty…
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Video Games ANYONE Can Speedrun In 10 Minutes

Got a few moments to spare? Time to play a whole game.
By Zoë Miskelly

10 Terrible Levels In Awesome Recent Video Games

Crash 4's Rush Hour is one of the worst levels in the entire series.
By Jack Pooley

10 Video Game Movies We Actually Want To See

What should come after Monster Hunter?
By Michael John-Day

8 Amazing Secret Video Game Items Unlocked Through Companion Quests

Best friends, better rewards.
By Jules Gill

10 Video Games That Pissed Off Gamers Right Away

The Last of Us Part II pissed players off and then made them slog through 20 more hours of…
By Jack Pooley

WWE 2K22 Wishlist: 10 Things Fans NEED To See

2K22 is the most important WWE video game ever, and 2K are out of excuses not to deliver.
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Insane Video Game Details You Definitely Missed

Red Dead 2 is the gift that keeps on giving.
By Jack Pooley

10 More Video Games You Can Never Finish

Why Did It Have To End Like This?!
By Ben-Roy Turner

10 Brilliant Sequels That Saved Dying Video Game Franchises

Everybody loves a good comeback.
By Zoë Miskelly

20 Best Game Boy Advance Games Of All Time

Nintendo's greatest 2D system??
By Cameron Davies

10 Boss Fights That Play TOTALLY Different To Their Games

No one does boss fights like Hideo Kojima.
By Jess McDonell

7 Video Game Fan Theories Confirmed By The Creators

Rocket League is a VERY weird game...
By Danny Meegan

8 Video Games That Mocked Themselves

"Infinite ammo"
By Jules Gill

8 Indie Game Characters We’d Love To See In Super Smash Bros

Who do you want to see "join the battle"?!
By Michael John-Day

10 Mediocre Video Games Saved By ONE Amazing Feature

Dark Sector's glaive should've been in everything.
By Sean Martin Moscardini

10 Video Games That Should Have Ended 10 Minutes Earlier

Of course Hideo Kojima made the list.
By Jack Pooley

10 Sci-Fi Video Game Sequels Better Than The Original

The sequels that improved on, re-defined and utterly transcended their originals.
By Logan Kenny

EA Play Live 2021 - 6 Biggest Announcements

It's in the game.
By Cameron Davies

WWE Removes Daniel Bryan From WWE 2K22's Roster

Daniel Bryan has been removed from WWE 2K22 and other upcoming company projects.
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Ridiculous Adult Jokes Hidden In Video Games

Don't get cocky.
By Danny Meegan

10 Most Popular Tekken Characters

Seven tournaments. Ten fighters. Which Tekken fighters do the fans love most?
By Darren Brierley

These Video Game Difficulty Spikes SUCK!

Hello Face. Meet Wall.
By Jules Gill

10 Best Video Game Minigames Ever

The very best of games within games.
By James Metcalfe

10 Bullsh*t Video Game Mechanics You Had To Go With

Sekiro's Dragonrot was one step too far.
By Scott Tailford

Every AAA Game Still To Come In 2021

There's more to the second half of 2021 than Halo.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Game Achievements That REALLY Needed More Thought

These achievements betrayed the very idea of video games.
By WhatCulture Gaming

These Horror Video Games SUCK!

The Only Thing To Be Afraid Of Is The Lack Of Quality.
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Video Games That Kill You On The First Screen!

By WhatCulture Gaming

Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Darkest Stranger Missions You Totally Missed

The best, darkest, and strangest Stranger Missions of Red Dead Redemption 2.
By WhatCulture Gaming

6 Video Game Reveals You Totally Missed

Yup, THAT's what DOOMguy looks like.
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Video Games That Mocked Themselves!

Welcome to Tues Your Own Adventure!
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Video Games That Punished You For Being Good

By WhatCulture Gaming

Halo Infinite HANDS-ON - 343's Best Game In A Decade

Scott and James dive into post-beta commentary on how Halo Infinite is shaping up.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Disastrous Video Game Sequels That Forgot What Fans Want

How do you mess up Shadow of War?
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Dark Souls Characters That Were In Multiple Video Games

Which characters in Dark Souls made you want to ask: "Have we met before?"
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Video Game Endings That Made You Say WHAT?!

Confusing, confounding...
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Secret Campaigns Hidden In Video Games

This is just the beginning.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Hidden Video Game Messages You Totally Missed

The Arkham games are more connected than you think...
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Best Video Game Sequels (That Weren't Actually Sequels)

What's in a name?
By WhatCulture Gaming

Horizon Forbidden West DELAYED To 2022??

So close to launch, it seems the PS4/PS5 exclusive has been pushed back.
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Times The Video Game Killer Was Hiding In Plain Sight

If only they knew.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Best 'Dead And I Know It' Video Game Moments

These characters showed us who they really were just before they bit the bullet.
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Precise Video Game Moments You Knew You Were Utterly Screwed

Looking death (or Morgan Freeman) in the face.
By WhatCulture Gaming

Most Anticipated Video Games Of August 2021

Scott, Ben-Roy and Josh break down the biggest releases of August 2021.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Most Ridiculously Difficult Video Game Cheat Codes

Cheating sure is hard work.
By WhatCulture Gaming

7 Best Movie Video Games Everyone Missed

The best Terminator game you've never played.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Annoying Video Game Enemies Who Stole Your Items!

Alright: which one of you monsters took my ethers!
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Video Games Ruined By ONE Specific Character

Welcome to Tues Your Own Adventure!
By WhatCulture Gaming

9 Mysterious Creatures Hidden In Famous Video Games

Ready to go monster hunting?
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Awesome Multiplayer Video Games Nobody Played

You probably slept on these cult classic multiplayer games.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Game Franchises That Keep Making The Same Mistake

Every Resident Evil goes off the rails at the end.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Secret Video Game Features That Make NO Sense

Have you ever shot the moon in GTA?
By WhatCulture Gaming

9 Trick Video Game Items You Must AVOID

You are NOT ready for a fake Dark Souls chest.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Overpowered Items That Broke Video Games

Some rules were made to be broken.
By WhatCulture Gaming