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8 Historical Eras Assassin's Creed Could Still Visit

What periods should be explored next?
By Alex Antliff

PS5: 7 Games We Need As Soon As Possible

God of War 2. At launch. Make it happen.
By Luuc Ten Velde

10 Amazing Moments From The Worst Video Games

Chicken racing? Fighting as Shaq? Double agents? Even the worst games can be memorable...
By Jordan Heal

10 Terrible Moments From The Best Video Games

Airport assaults? Meaningless deaths? An arrow to the knee? We're just getting started.
By Jordan Heal

10 Most Twisted Video Game Characters Ever

The best of the worst.
By Zoƫ Miskelly

Call Of Duty LEAK: First Look At Modern Warfare's Battle Royale Mode

'Warzone' is incoming.
By Josh Brown

10 Video Game Endings That Left You Totally Speechless

The sound of silence.
By Sam Hill

10 Terrible Decisions That Doomed Popular Video Game Companies

Remember when Haze tried to kill Halo?
By Josh Brown

WWE 2K21: 10 Most Wanted New Features

2K20 can NEVER happen again.
By Jamie Kennedy

8 Gritty Reworks Of Video Game Characters That Fell Flat

Dark and brooding doesn't necessarily translate to something better.
By Damian Ali

Batman: Arkham Legacy - 10 Fatal Mistakes It Must Avoid

Is Gotham City's population made of nothing but criminals?
By Jacob Reinhard

10 Video Games That Were Never Better Than Their First Levels

From Resident Evil 4 and God Of War III to Super Mario 64, some games really hit the ground running!…
By Chris Littlechild

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC - 5 Questions Left Unanswered

Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind answered a lot of questions, but not the ones fans were expecting.
By Jordan Heal

Mortal Kombat Movie: Every Character & Actor Confirmed So Far

Scorpion's casting is PERFECT.
By Mik Furie

10 Video Games That Only Became Great After Updates

Probably best to forget the beginning of GTA Online.
By Stephen Payne

What 10 Great Video Games Look Like Without Visual Effects

Epic boss fights are less cool when you know the monster is a duvet.
By Josh Brown

GTA: 10 Ridiculous Things EVERYONE Does

A crime sandbox with infinite potential? Let's obey traffic light laws.
By Luther Fraser

8 Video Game Fan Films That Deserve Mainstream Recognition

Considering the talent of these indie gems, Hollywood has a lot to answer for.
By Joe Johnston

10 Lost Gaming Characters HIDDEN In Video Games

The Witcher 2's epilogue is tucked away inside Wild Hunt.
By Greg Hicks

11 Accidental Video Game Events That Cost THOUSANDS

Everyone makes mistakes, but not all cost a decade's wages.
By Stephen Payne

10 Most Under-Appreciated RPGs Ever

Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, Final Fantasy and... all of these.
By Scott Tailford

9 Times Video Game Violence Went Too Far

Sexual assaults, chemical attacks, snuff films - and that's just the beginning.
By Josh Brown

10 Video Games That KNEW You'd Try To Cheat

Don't use any exploits, Batsy - the Joker always knows.
By Danny Meegan

10 Video Game Plagues That Would Destroy The World

It's just a cold, I swear.
By Daniel Hollis

6 Terrifying Moments In Non-Horror Video Games Community

If you don't like to be scared out of their skin unexpectedly, watch out for these games.
By Matthew Lee Submit Your Content

10 Major Missteps By Video Game Companies

"Do you guys not have phones?"
By Matt Dawson

8 Retro Video Game Consoles You Should Definitely Play In 2020

Does the PS5 have blast processing under the hood? Thought not.
By Chris Joyce

10 Video Games That MUST Influence EA's Star Wars

Star Wars is a pathway to many different video games some find... inspirational.
By James Wilson

5 Reasons Afterparty Is The Best Game Of 2019 You Never Played

You'll have a hell of a hangover after this.
By Johnny Owens

8 Video Game Franchises That Reclaimed Their Throne

NOBODY saw Kratos' redemption arc coming.
By Matthew Fisher