Joe Rogan Podcast Ditches YouTube For Spotify In $100 Million Plus Deal

Entire JRE library moving exclusively to Spotify in September!


In the ever-growing world of podcasts one bald head reigns supreme. With a vast array of guests clamouring in from all walks of life, as well as one of the largest followings in media/entertainment history the Joe Rogan Experience has become the premier podcast of this generation. Dating back to 2010 the podcast has featured some of the most recognizable faces/voices in the world, ranging from Elon Musk to Kevin Hart, with athletes, musicians, scientists, and even presidential candidates sprinkled in between.

Upon agreement of the largest individual deal in streaming history (over 100 million dollars) the JRE will make its long awaited debut on Spotify on September 1, and all of its content — including all video podcasts now available on YouTube — will become exclusive to the platforms over 286 million active users near the end of 2020, with only clips and highlights remaining on YouTube.

This sets the stage for a new era of podcasting and streaming, where the power resides with the people and stars as opposed to production companies. Fans need not worry though, as Spotify has stated that Rogan will always retain full creative control and the podcast will remain free to everyone.

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