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10 Directors Who Love Movies You'd Never Expect

You won't believe what Alfred Hitchcock watched as his last movie.
By John Kerr

10 Directors Who Were PISSED OFF At Film Premieres

When it all goes wrong.
By Jack Pooley

10 Weirdest Movies Quentin Tarantino Actually Wanted To Make

He called it "Pulp Fiction in Space"
By Robert Johnson

11 Things We Learned From Quentin Tarantino On Joe Rogan Experience

Harvey Weinstein, Bruce Lee backlash, and what Kill Bill Vol. 3 would look like!
By Andrew Pollard

Quentin Tarantino Quiz: Which Movie Is This Quote From?

How well do you remember these quotes from the auteur of on-screen violence?
By Michael John-Day

12 Times A Director Went On An INSANE Streak Of Great Movies

One or two great films is impressive, but four or more in a row is something truly special.
By James Hunt

This Insane Detail Quentin Tarantino Put Into Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Just when you thought Once Upon a Time in Hollywood couldn't get any better...
By Gareth Morgan

10 Movies Disowned By Their Screenwriters

They started by writing scripts... and ended by writing apologies.
By Chris McKittrick

Quentin Tarantino Writing Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Novel

Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth's Hollywood adventures to be expanded in a novelisation.
By Luca Carbonaro

Ranking Every Quentin Tarantino Movie Soundtrack Worst To Best

Jackie Brown? Pulp Fiction? Reservoir Dogs? What's the best Tarantino soundtrack?
By Cameron Mcmurdie