CM Punk


CM Punk Melts Down In New Interview

Is Punk being Punk, or is the pressure getting to him?

5 Feb 2016 Jay Anderson


10 Biggest Fan Protests Ignored By WWE

Sorry, who is this 'CM Punk' that you speak of?

4 Feb 2016 Ben Cooke


10 Shocking Heel Turns That Rocked WWE

Shawn Michaels was determined to strike out on his own in 1991...

31 Jan 2016 Jamie Kennedy

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CM Punk's UFC 2 Rating Downgraded By EA - To Dead Last

EA Sports is in damage control mode.

30 Jan 2016 Jay Anderson

sport WWE/UFC

CM Punk Drug Tested By USADA

Former WWE Champ confirms out of competition test on Twitter.

27 Jan 2016 Jay Anderson


7 Greatest People's Champions In Wrestling History

The babyface favourites that fans would have rioted for.

27 Jan 2016 Ben Cooke


CM Punk Reveals UFC Approached Him, Insists MMA Venture Is Not A Publicity Stunt

New interview sheds light on Punk's signing with UFC, approach to the fight game.

20 Jan 2016 Jay Anderson

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CM Punk's UFC Debut Bumped Up?

UFC 199 now the target.

19 Jan 2016 Jay Anderson

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20 WWE Stars And Their Video Game Counterparts

Some of these guys were separated at birth, just saying.

19 Jan 2016 Ben Cooke

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CM Punk's First UFC Opponent Revealed

We now have an opponent and possible date for his UFC debut.

14 Jan 2016 Brad Hamilton

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CM Punk Gets First Image And Fighter Rating For EA's UFC 2

Punk already on the defensive over rating uproar!

12 Jan 2016 Jay Anderson

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Questions Raised Over CM Punk's UFC Debut

Has too much time passed to make an impact?

29 Dec 2015 Jay Anderson

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CM Punk Confirmed For EA Sports UFC 2

Former WWE superstar has yet to make his MMA debut but is in the game.

26 Dec 2015 Jay Anderson

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10 Things To Expect From CM Punk's UFC Debut

Just what will Phil Brooks' UFC debut look like?

22 Dec 2015 Jay Anderson


10 Awesome Wrestling Moves WWE Must Bring Back In 2016

Which rarely seen manoeuvres must return in 2016?

8 Dec 2015 John Bills


30 Great WWE Superstars And Their Strange Rookie Finishers

Learn why CM Punk wasn't able to use his Pepsi Plunge in WWE.

5 Dec 2015 Matt O'Connell


UFC Using New Show To Find Opponent For CM PUnk?

"Looking For A Fight" might just land CM Punk's opponent

4 Dec 2015 Jay Anderson


10 Greatest Displays Of Chemistry In WWE History

Magic you can't manufacture.

1 Dec 2015 Jamie Kennedy


10 Wrestling Heels Who Were Totally Justified

Bad people, doing bad things… for the right reasons.

29 Nov 2015 Ben Cooke


8 CM Punk WWE Feuds For His Inevitable Return

Who will a battle-hardened Punk face when he inevitably makes his WWE Return?

26 Nov 2015 Eli Samuel