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UFC Drop CM Punk Name In New Reebok Merchandise

Looks like Punk will be fighting as plain old Philip Brooks.

1 Jul 2015 Grahame Herbert


10 Things You Didn't Know About WWE In 2009

CM Punk finds out firsthand why you don't want to challenge the Dead Man backstage...

29 Jun 2015 Lewis Howse

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CM Punk Responds To UFC Fighter's "Gay Jesus" Comment

Punk is having a little fun on Twitter in response to Yoel Romero's flub.

29 Jun 2015 Jay Anderson


10 WWE Champions Who Wouldn't Make It In Today's Developmental System

They wouldn't even make it to the big leagues.

27 Jun 2015 Matt O'Connell


CM Punk Moves To Milwaukee As UFC Training Intensifies

The Second City Saint leaves his Chicago home to be closer to fight team.

25 Jun 2015 Jay Anderson

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Brad Maddox Wrestles As CM Punk At WWE Live Event

WWE take a clear shot at their former world champion.

21 Jun 2015 John Canton

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CM Punk Co-Anchors Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Parade Coverage

The former WWE star takes more shots at Hulk Hogan.

19 Jun 2015 Ryan Droste


14 Dream Matches If CM Punk Returns To WWE

CM Punk's UFC future is in doubt.

18 Jun 2015 Grahame Herbert


20 Best WWE Matches Of The Decade (So Far)

Shows just how good Bryan, Punk, 'Taker, Lesnar and, yes, Cena really are.

18 Jun 2015 Lewis Howse


The Undertaker's 7 WrestleMania Victims Who Never Recovered

Buried by the Deadman; rest in peace.

17 Jun 2015 Jack G King


CM Punk Talks UFC Debut

We might not see Punk in the octagon for a while.

16 Jun 2015 Jay Anderson

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CM Punk Appears As Wrestler In Frank Turner Music Video

The former WWE Champion gets in a fight for the sake of entertainment.

15 Jun 2015 John Canton


10 Best Non-Ladder Matches In WWE Money In The Bank History

Great matches on the ground level.

12 Jun 2015 Mitch Nickelson


Paul Heyman Wanted CM Punk To End Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak In 2013

Heyman wanted Punk to win to keep Punk happy, but he didn't get his way.

12 Jun 2015 John Canton


8 Most Ironic Comeuppances In Wrestling

Karma, like payback, is a botch. Wait, hang on. The other thing.

11 Jun 2015 Ben Cooke


CM Punk Angry With Hulk Hogan Over Stanley Cup Trash Talk

It's all about the NHL's Stanley Cup Finals.

9 Jun 2015 John Canton


CM Punk Insults Triple H With Twitter Comment?

A rare WWE comment by Punk has fans wondering what he means.

9 Jun 2015 John Canton

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CM Punk Training With Former UFC, Strikeforce Champs

Punk among the first athletes to train at new EXOS facility in Phoenix

3 Jun 2015 Jay Anderson


7 Reasons Kevin Owens Is The New CM Punk

They may not look anything alike, but Punk and Owens have a great deal in common.

3 Jun 2015 Jack G King


10 Worst Feuds Of CM Punk's WWE Career

Punk didn't think much of his feud with Ryback and he's not the only one.

3 Jun 2015 John Canton