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Ranking WWE Extreme Rules PPVs From Least To Most Extreme

Some shows were more deserving of the name than others...
By Elliott Binks
CM Punk Extreme Rules 2009

10 Best Times WWE Stars Pulled Double Duty

All the times that one match wasn't enough.
By Matt O'Connell
WWE SummerSlam Press Conference

CM Punk Reportedly Not Progressing Well As A UFC Fighter

Punk considered huge underdog against Mickey Gall.
By Scott Fried
CM Punk WWE Champion

10 Most Successful Outsiders In WWE History

They shouldn't have fit in but they soon became part of the furniture.
By David McCutcheon
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10 Best WWE Talkers Since 2010

Which WWE Superstars could talk 'em into the building during this decade?
By Matt Davis
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How WWE Should Have Booked The Straight Edge Society

Adam tackles CM Punk's foray into cult leadership...
By Adam Blampied
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10 Biggest Wasted Opportunities In WWE

The road not taken sometimes goes to some very interesting places.
By Ben Cooke
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22 More DVD Releases WWE Are Considering For 2017

WWE are seriously considering a CM Punk DVD release....
By John Bills
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10 Sweetest Examples Of WWE Payback

Revenge is a dish that’s best served cold - but payback is a b**ch.
By Ben Cooke
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10 Best David Vs. Goliath Wrestling Matches Of All Time

Does size matter?
By Jacob Trowbridge
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11 Best Lights Out Moments In Wrestling

Why wrestlers should fear the dark...
By John Bills
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ring Of Honor

CM Punk signed his WWE contract on the ROH World Title...
By Jamie Kennedy
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20 Best Wrestling Insults Ever

Whether comical or vicious, sharp tongues and pro wrestlers go hand in hand.
By John Bills
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11 WWE Rivalries That Defined The 2000s

High-profile feuds form the Attitude, Ruthless Aggression and PG eras!
By Lewis Howse
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10 Best Wrestling Matches In WWE April PPV History

Following WrestleMania is no easy task, but these matches more than held their own.
By John Bills
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10 Greatest Wrestling Technicians In WWE History

They emphasized the sport in professional wrestling.
By Erik Beaston
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10 Totally Wasted Wrestling Factions

Good performers plus brotherhood and unity doesn't always equal greatness.
By John Bills
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10 Things I Hate About CM Punk

He’s the best in the world at winding people up, that’s for sure.
By Ben Cooke
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8 Things That Could Tempt CM Punk To Make WWE Return

"And you coming back to me, is against all odds, but it's a chance I've got to take..."
By Nick Sellers
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CM Punk's Scheduled UFC Opponent Fires First Promotional Salvo

Gall claims "it's like athletic acting."
By Jay Anderson
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CM Punk Criticises Vince McMahon In New Interview

The UFC employee takes another shot at his former boss.
By Brad Hamilton
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8 Wrestling Exceptions That Prove The 'Top Guy' Rule

The rule exists because world champions like these were so rare.
By Edward Spence
Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk - WrestleMania 28

Chris Jericho's WrestleMania Matches - From Worst To Best

By Erik Beaston

CM Punk's UFC Debut At Madison Square Garden?

Will Punk sell out MSG again?
By Jay Anderson
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10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (March 25)

How much scripting was involved in CM Punk and Vince McMahon's feud?
By Jamie Kennedy
CM Punk Night of Champions 2011

10 Modern WWE Face Turns That Were Poorly Handled

Sometimes a character gets lost in translation by creative.
By Justin Henry
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8 Reasons Why MMA Fans Shouldn't Make Fun Of Wrestling

Whether it's a Squared Circle or an Octagon, can't we all just get along?
By Daniel Donnelly
CM Punk Jeff Hardy DVD Promo 2009

9 Ballsiest WWE Promos Ever

These guys have some great huge...provocations.
By Jacob Trowbridge
Punk Ross

Jim Ross Calls CM Punk A "Well Conditioned Kimbo Slice"

Good Ol' JR keeps it real
By Jay Anderson
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10 Part-Timers Who Screwed With The WWE Roster

Nostalgia. It’s not what it used to be.
By Ben Cooke