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10 Wrestlers Who Found Life After Wrestling

Sometimes there is life after "The Business".

29 Aug 2015 Jay Anderson


CM Punk Feuding With UFC Fighter Who Once Claimed To Be His Debut Opponent

The gloves, as they say, are off.

12 Aug 2015 Jay Anderson


10 WWE World Champions Who Will Never Get In The Hall Of Fame

From recent stars to champions from 40 years ago, some WWE standard bearers are not Hall of Famers.

6 Aug 2015 John Canton

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WWE 2K16: 5 Real Life Events The Games Eerily Foreshadowed

Be wary of appearing on the cover of WWE 2K games... there may be a curse.

3 Aug 2015 Chris Smith


7 Signs Cracks Are Showing In CM Punk's MMA Gamble

Is trouble brewing?

31 Jul 2015 Jay Anderson


8 Most Bitter Moments In CM Punk And WWE's Feud

There's been some serious mudslinging between the current UFC fighter and his former employer.

27 Jul 2015 Josh Wilding


UFC Fan Challenges CM Punk To A Fight At Q&A

Maybe it's time they start vetting the folks they let in to these?

26 Jul 2015 Jay Anderson


UFC's Special Treatment Of CM Punk Impacts Veteran Fighter

Fight promotion refuses Tom Lawlor's walkout request due to CM Punk's presence on the roster

24 Jul 2015 Jay Anderson

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Update On WWE Dr. Chris Amann Suing CM Punk & Colt Cabana

The judge wants some answers from Punk and Cabana.

23 Jul 2015 John Canton


10 Funniest Wrestling Shoot Stories

A selection of the most amusing anecdotes, culled from decades of pro wrestling raconteurs.

23 Jul 2015 Ben Cooke


5 New CM Punk Quotes That Add Insight Into His WWE And UFC Careers

He still thinks like a wrestler but doesn't miss the industry.

20 Jul 2015 Jay Anderson


20 Best Matches From WWE's 'C' Shows

These matches are worth seeing, even if WWE didn't think so.

16 Jul 2015 Matt O'Connell


10 Former WWE Superstars Who Will Never Return

Anything can't happen in WWE...

15 Jul 2015 Scott Fried


10 Biggest WWE Rematches That Never Happened

How about The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar one more time?

13 Jul 2015 John Canton


CM Punk To WWE: "I F**king Told You So"

What's he talking about now?

11 Jul 2015 John Canton

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CM Punk Still Hoping For UFC Debut This Year

Punk sounds ready to fight.

11 Jul 2015 Grahame Herbert


10 Times WWE Heroes Failed

Because sometimes, the bad guys win...

11 Jul 2015 Erik Beaston

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New CM Punk UFC Training Video Released

Punk will also run a charity race for the UFC.

8 Jul 2015 Jay Anderson


Dana White Says UFC Fighter CM Punk "Looks Phenomenal"

UFC president thrilled with Punk's progress as he builds up to his first fight.

2 Jul 2015 Jay Anderson

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UFC Drop CM Punk Name In New Reebok Merchandise

Looks like Punk will be fighting as plain old Philip Brooks.

1 Jul 2015 Grahame Herbert