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10 Weirdest Cameos In James Bond Movies

The most unexpected of people sharing screentime with her majesty's greatest spy.
By Emrys Burton

11 EXHILARATING Scenes From Average Movies

These dull, boring, monotonous films have hidden gems that will get your blood pumping.
By William Vincent

10 Movies That Became Unintentional Sequels

Those movies we didn't realise were actually unintended sequel offerings.
By Andrew Pollard

10 Most Unusual Demands By James Bond Actors

Roger Moore demanded a body double for running scenes, and you'll never guess why.
By Jack Pooley

James Bond: Ranking Every Blofeld From Worst To Best

The notorious head of SPECTRE - ranked from the stinkers to those that can't be bettered!
By Connor J. Smith

5 Movie Characters Who Improved After Recasting (And 5 Who Didn't)

For better or for worse, which characters were helped by a new face and which were hindered?
By George Rutherford

James Bond: The True Story Of Quantum Of Solace's Failure

Quantum of Solace's production problems hindered the success of 007's first sequel.
By Matthew Barratt

10 Facts About The Iconic James Bond Film Gadgets

Cars with two steering wheels, a pocket-sized firearm and toothpaste that could blow your head…
By Lottie Winsor

James Bond Quiz: Can You Match The Scene To The Movie?

Can you match the scene to the correct Daniel Craig movie?
By Laura Holmes

10 Best James Bond Songs That Were REJECTED (And Why)

For your ears only.
By Jack Kingston