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10 Most Badass James Bond Villain Lairs

Where dastardly dreams of world domination (almost) come true...
By Connor J. Smith

10 Huge Movie Moments That Didn't Matter At All

Why take so much trouble to set up something so big, only to ignore it afterwards?
By Jack Morrell

5 Great James Bond Villains (That Have Never Been Seen On Film)

Who has been overlooked as Bond has contemporarily squared off with original villains on…
By Alex Antliff

Why Timothy Dalton Is Secretly The Best James Bond

It's time to accept Dalton's place as the best Bond of all time.
By Aidan Whatman

10 Recent Movie Characters Who Totally Deserved Better

Ana de Armas stole the show in No Time to Die.
By Jack Pooley

10 Weirdest Cameos In James Bond Movies

The most unexpected of people sharing screentime with her majesty's greatest spy.
By Emrys Burton

11 EXHILARATING Scenes From Average Movies

These dull, boring, monotonous films have hidden gems that will get your blood pumping.
By William Vincent

10 Movies That Became Unintentional Sequels

Those movies we didn't realise were actually unintended sequel offerings.
By Andrew Pollard

James Bond: Ranking Every Blofeld From Worst To Best

The notorious head of SPECTRE - ranked from the stinkers to those that can't be bettered!
By Connor J. Smith

James Bond: The True Story Of Quantum Of Solace's Failure

Quantum of Solace's production problems hindered the success of 007's first sequel.
By Matthew Barratt