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How Well Do You Know The Cure? Community

Apply your eyeliner, paint your nails black and enjoy this quiz about The Cure!
By Dylan Rush

10 Songs That Changed Music Forever

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”…
By Jack Morrell

The Hip Hop BlingDex: Rap Edition

50 Cent may be lying about his net worth.
By BlingDex

The Beatles Quiz: Match The Lyric To The Song Community

Prove you're a true Beatle by taking our Quiz!
By Tom Jones

Impossible Nas & Jay-Z Quiz - Who Rapped It?

Can you recognise the bars of two of the greatest hip hop artists of all time?
By Aundre Jacobs

10 Albums You Loved As A Teen (But Should Never Listen To Again)

When teenage angst becomes grown-up embarrassment...
By Jamie Kennedy

7 Movies Where The Beatles Music Was The Major Selling Point

All you need is hits. 
By Chris Chopping

10 Songs That Prove Wings Are A Better Band Than You Think

The Beatles had crashed to Earth but Paul McCartney was still flying high in the Seventies.
By Chris Chopping

Blink 182 Quiz: Can You Match The Lyric To The Song? Community

Is It Wrong That I Think It's Lame To Dance?
By Dylan Rush

Ranking 10 Greatest Albums Made Out Of Contractual Obligation

Arms were twisted, musicians were coerced, and magic was made.
By Jacob Trowbridge

Can You Match The Taylor Swift Song To The Album? Community

How well do you know Taylor Swift's albums?
By Isobel Pankhurst

10 Most Underrated David Bowie Songs

A selection of hidden gems and forgotten classics from The Thin White Duke.
By Tom Beer

Which Bruce Springsteen Albums Are These Songs From?

Because who doesn't love a bit of The Boss from time to time!
By Andrew Pollard

How Well Do You Really Know Bury Your Dead? Community

“Let your hair down,” and find out how hardcore you really are!
By Dylan Rush

Which Album Are These Marilyn Manson Songs From?

Do you know your Antichrist Superstar from your Holy Wood from your Born Villain?
By Andrew Pollard

10 Best Hip-Hop Albums From The First Half Of 2019 Community

The best projects Music's new top genre has to offer.
By Thomas Holton

Eminem Quiz: Match The Lyric To The Song Community

I'm beginning to feel like a Rap God, Rap God!
By Monica James

The Stand: Marilyn Manson Joins Stephen King TV Show

Legendary shock rocker to star in CBS All Access Limited Series.
By Simon Gallagher

How Well Do You Know The Life & Career Of Lil Peep? Community

A quiz about an artist who left the world far too soon!
By Dylan Rush

The Ultimate Oasis Quiz

"There we were, now here we are; all this confusion, nothing's the same to me..."
By Andrew Pollard