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Every DC Comics TV Show EVER Ranked From Worst To Best

The good, the bad and the long-forgotten...
By Michael Patterson

8 Things The DCEU Is Doing Better Than The MCU (So Far)

The MCU Vs. DCEU battle isn't as clear cut as you might think...
By Robin Baxter

10 Possible New Directions For The DCEU After Michael Keaton's Return

What's old is new again, and Keaton's return could mark a brave new dawn for the DCEU.
By Scott Campbell

6 Best Uses For Henry Cavill In DCEU's Future

Superman's Returned. Hopefully clean shaven this time...
By Tim Goodings

10 Superheroes That May Need Recasting (And Who Should Play Them)

Just in case.
By Fergal Harte

Henry Cavill Back As Superman: 10 Predictions For His DCEU Future

It's been confirmed that Henry Cavill is returning to the DCEU, but what comes next for…
By Josh Wilding

10 Reasons DCEU Movies Will Never Catch Up To The MCU

At this point, there's no way the DCEU ever catches up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe...
By Josh Wilding

Justice League: Snyder Cut - 10 Cuts Warner Bros Should NEVER Have Made

Why did Warner Bros. get rid of the Flash's time-travelling scene or Superman's black outfit?
By James Egan

12 Times DCEU Movies Completely Changed The Comics

Why mess with such great source material?!
By David Ng'ethe

10 Unresolved Plot Points From The First Era Of DCEU Movies

As Warner Bros. prepares for a new era of DCEU movies, what about the plot holes left behind?
By Josh Wilding