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9 Movies That Blatantly Ripped Off Video Games

I think I've seen this before.
By Jonathan Kaulay

10 Hugely Beloved Video Game Sidekicks - Ranked From Worst To Best

Being second in line doesn't mean being second best. Not by a long shot.
By Matty Coxhill

10 Incredible Video Game Characters Who Only Appeared In ONE Game

These one-hit wonders made a huge impact in just one game.
By Stacey Henley

Mass Effect 5 Wishlist: 10 Major Risks Bioware MUST Take

Bringing back the finest sci-fi franchise of all.
By Stacey Henley

10 Small Details Video Games Still Can’t Get Right

Do all games exist in an alternate reality where every mirror is smashed?
By Josh Brown

11 Half-Baked Video Games That Totally Ruined Their Franchises

If Mass Effect 3 dropped the ball, Andromeda nuked it.
By Josh Brown

Mass Effect: 8 Weirdest Enemies (And What They Represent)

H.P. Lovecraft and electron photographs lie beyond the Omega 4 Relay.
By Ashleigh Millman

Mass Effect Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Trilogy?

Almost 12 years since the first game's release, can you tell your Turians from your Asari?
By Kate Warren

10 Comics & Novels That Answer MAJOR Video Game Plot Points

Why did Saren fall to an ancient starship in Mass Effect? What's that purple stuff in Sonic 2?
By Dan Curtis

Mass Effect: 8 Ways Developers Could Produce A New Entry Worthy Of The Fanbase

After Andromeda, a new Mass Effect game is likely a pipe-dream, but what a dream it could be.
By David Bowles