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Star Trek: Picard - 7 Ups & 2 Downs From Episode 4 'Absolute Candor'

"The man can't even take a guilt trip without using a Starship..."
By Adam Clery

10 Reasons Why The New Doctor May Actually Be River Song

When Jo Martin appears as a new Doctor, is she the face of a forgotten past or someone else?
By Jessica Cooper

You’ll Never Get 100% On This Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Quiz!

How well do you really know The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina?
By Sarah Myatt

10 Terrific TV Shows That Need To Be Rebooted

Who needs new when we could have more Hannibal?
By Kristy Law

10 Crossover Events In The Star Trek Universe (Pre-Star Trek Picard)

Star Trek always knew how to appeal to fanboy nostalgia...
By Sean Ferrick

10 Most Underrated Sci-Fi/Fantasy Shows

You've seen Batman watching us from the dark, but what about Night Man?
By Saam Hasan

10 Times Lazy Writing Ruined Netflix's You Season 2

After such an enticing first season, what happened to Season Two?
By David Bowles

The Flash Season 6 (Part 2): 5 Theories On The Identity Of The New Big Bad

The villain we've all been waiting for might FINALLY be upon us...
By Michael Patterson

25 Funniest Only Fools And Horses Moments

God bless hooky street.
By Scott Banner

The Simpsons Or It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Quiz: Who Said It, Homer Simpson Or Charlie Kelly?

How well do you really know Homer Simpson and Charlie Kelly?
By Sarah Myatt

The Office: You’ll Never Get 100% On This Erin Hannon Quiz

How well do you remember The Office's most adorable oddball?
By Jack Pooley

Doctor Who: Can You Guess The Episode From The Image?

How much can you remember these classic episodes?
By Jamie Crow

You Won't Beat This Friends By The Numbers Quiz

The One With All the Numbers.
By Jessa Rose

10 Saddest Moments In BoJack Horseman

The BoJack moments that tugged our heartstrings the hardest...
By Stacey Henley

Quiz: Can You Name The Star Trek Character From ONE Image?

Do you remember these cult Trek characters?
By Jack Pooley

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 - 10 Ways It's The REAL Conclusion To The Skywalker Saga

George Lucas gets to finish his story after all...
By Jamie Crow

6 Best Game Of Thrones Character Pairings (We Never Got To See)

With over 100 characters, it’s a shame that these memorable ones never shared a scene.
By Steven Hopkins

10 Most Watched Episodes Of Modern Doctor Who

The Doctor Who ratings are falling, so revisit happier times with a list of the most watched NuWho.…
By Luke Dixon

11 Grim TV Moments You Won't Watch Again

Vampire parasite through the eyeball? Thanks, Guillermo Del Toro...
By Kenny Hedges

10 Best Batman: The Animated Series Episodes

The best moments from the definitive interpretation of The Dark Knight.
By Mark Oakley

10 TV Shows That Redeemed Hated Characters In A Single Episode

From trash to treasure.
By Jack Pooley

Arrowverse: 10 Implications From Crisis On Infinite Earths

What has changed in the Arrowverse?
By Jonathan Khoo

6 Times Louis Theroux Put Himself In Danger To Get A Story

The most committed documentarian in the business...
By Adrian Bishop

12 TV Shows In Serious Danger Of Cancellation In 2020

Could 2020 see the end of The Flash?
By Jayme Zwerling

10 Best Episodes Of The Crown

Come along on a royal journey as we explore the best Netflix's hit series has offered so far.
By Luke Dixon

Bet You Can't Name The Episode Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer From One Image!

Can you tell which memorable episode it was from just one picture alone?
By Kurt Howes

Star Trek Picard: Every Easter Egg & Hidden Reference From 'The End Is The Beginning'

All the little details and references from the last part of Picard's first episode.
By Paul Sutherlin

9 Stephen King Adaptations Coming To TV In 2020 And Beyond

From disgusting diseases to creepy cocoons, King has a lot show show us in the next few years.
By Thomas Edgar

Doctor Who Series 12: Ten Huge Questions After Can You Hear Me?

All the major talking points as Doctor Who confronts gods and monsters from Syria to Sheffield.
By Paul Driscoll

The Flash Season 6 Review: 3 Ups & 5 Downs From 'Love Is A Battlefield'

WTF doesn't even begin to cover it...
By Michael Patterson