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10 Wrestlers Who Looked Better Over 40 Than In Their Prime

Life begins at 40...
By Andrew Murray

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament Bracket Revealed

WrestleMania match up for grabs.
By David Cambridge

10 WWE Wrestlers Who Lost On Their Debut

The only way is up.
By David Cambridge

7 Rules WWE Should Bring Back

Rules are made to be adhered to.
By Chris Humphries

10 Most Damaging Figures In The History Of Wrestling

Appetite for destruction.
By Michael Sidgwick

6 Major NXT Stars Set For WWE Call-Ups After WrestleMania 34

Brace yourselves for post-WrestleMania call-ups...
By Andrew Murray
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10 More Wrestling Gimmicks Blatantly Stolen From Hollywood

Drawing inspiration from the best.
By Jack Pooley

10 Greatest Hits Of WWE Hall Of Famer Jeff Jarrett

Guitar hero.
By Michael Hamflett

WWE Breaks 54-Year Record On RAW

Marathon Raw opener clocks in at close to two hours long.
By Andrew Murray

WWE's Apollo Crews Gets A New Ring Name

The Titus Worldwide man loses his surname.
By Andrew Murray

10 Times Hell Froze Over In Wrestling

NEVER Say Never
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE Makes Incredible Hall Of Fame Announcement

You'll never believe who's going in...
By Benjamin Richardson

Golden Touch: How Dustin Runnels Crafted A Glittering THIRTY YEAR Wrestling Career

The Dust Won't Settle
By Michael Hamflett

That Time Shawn Michaels Was In The nWo And It Went NOWHERE

New World Disorder
By Michael Hamflett

Rey Mysterio Gives Verdict On Potential Match With WWE's AJ Styles

Is he up for it?
By Benjamin Richardson
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8 Wrestling Moves That Really Wouldn’t Hurt At All

From slams to submissions, there is just no way some of these finishers hurt.
By Stevie Shephard

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Who Will Partner Ronda Rousey At WWE WrestleMania 34?

The Great One to return?
By David Cambridge

Did Stephanie McMahon Hint At WWE Sale?

Bloomberg comments make headlines.
By David Cambridge

Huge Main Event Announced For WWE Raw

Christmas has come early.
By David Cambridge

8 Times TNA Turned Trash Into Treasure

Those times they made magic from malarkey.
By Glenn Dallas

10 Wrestler Deaths WWE Ignored

Jimmy Snuka was remembered. These guys weren't.
By Andrew Soucek

WWE Confirm Every PPV To Be Dual-Branded

Raw and SmackDown will share Network offerings after WrestleMania.
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Wrestling Careers Ruined By Awful Storylines

You know it's over when creative have you talking to a mop...
By Andrew Murray

10 Most Absurdly Mismatched Gimmicks In WWE

The square pegs being jammed into round holes.
By Jack Morrell

8 Times Braun Strowman Didn't Look Like A Monster At All

The moments when Adam Scherr and WWE forgot he was supposed to be a giant...
By Chris Humphries

10 Awesome WWE Tag Teams Formed By Main Eventers

Sometimes a great partnership is born out of a great rivalry!
By Jason Lovell

10 Worst WWE Gimmicks Of The Ruthless Aggression Era

Back when you could see WWE creative brainstorm live on TV...
By Chris Humphries

10 Wrestlers John Cena Would Not Put Over

Tales from the crypt.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Terrible Wrestling Matches (That Should Have Been Great)

This is why we can't have nice things...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Things We Learned From Will Ospreay & Bea Priestley On Talk Is Jericho

Find out why Ospreay turned down WWE...
By Jamie Kennedy