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Randy Orton's Tattoo Artist Suing WWE & 2K Games

Legal troubles stretch all the way back to 2009...
By Jamie Kennedy
+ Music

10 Hip-Hop Songs That Reference Popular Video Games

SEGA, Nintendo, Sony PlayStations: you'll find them all hidden among hip-hop's finest tracks.
By Bryan Langley

9 "Must-Have" Video Game Peripherals (That Instantly Flopped)

Sega tried its hand at controller-less gaming long before Microsoft.
By Joe Pring
+ Sport

FIFA 19: 10 Stadiums That Need To Be In The Game

The game is about glory, and new stadiums we can play in...
By Jamie Kennedy

God Of War: Ranking The 10 Best Boss Battles

The genocide of Greek mythology never felt so good.
By Reece Shrewsbury

Fortnite: 10 Players You Are Guaranteed To Meet

By Tom Powter

Are Game Developers Stupid NOT To Include Microtransactions?

"Do you want to make millions of dollars? No?"
By Scott Tailford

10 Video Game Developers Who Killed The Franchise They Were Handed

"Here, hold the baby... DON'T DROP IT"
By Scott Tailford

Far Cry 2 Has Always Secretly Been The Best Far Cry Game

Better physics, world detail, survival elements - what else do you need?
By Josh Brown

10 Most Absurd Lawsuits In Video Game History

Never underestimate the pettiness of people.
By Joe Pring

One Crippling Mistake Every Modern Video Game Keeps Making

The key ingredient to why every past generation mattered so much more.
By Scott Tailford

7 Characters That Must Be Cut From Super Smash Bros. Switch

Someone's gotta go.
By Tom Powter

20 Most Intense Video Games Moments Ever

That thumping sound? It's your own heart.
By Scott Tailford

Xbox Game Pass: 12 Massively Underrated Games You Must Play

Done with Sea Of Thieves? It's time to uncover these hidden gems.
By Thor Magnusson

Far Cry 5: 14 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Hope County is dark and full of prepper stashes.
By Scott Tailford

Spider-Man PS4: 10 New Details You Need To Know

New playable characters, story details, costumes and... Avengers Tower?!
By Josh Brown

10 Immortal Video Game Moments You'll Replay Forever

I'll instruct you by codec after you reach your target...
By Jamie Kennedy
+ Sport

FIFA 19: 10 Improvements We Want To See In Career Mode

Think Messi signing for Madrid is impossible? Not in a new Storyline Mode...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Secret Game Over Screens That Were Absolute Genius

Yes, the developers knew you'd try and get in the bath with the naked woman...
By Matty Coxhill

9 Things Nobody Wants To Admit About Far Cry 5

After so long away, a Far Cry 4.5 isn't good enough.
By Josh Brown

10 Valid Concerns About 2018's Biggest Video Games

They can't all be good.
By Tom Powter

Far Cry 5 Review: 7 Ups & 3 Downs

Is Ubisoft's latest their greatest?
By George Foster

7 Vital Things Esports Need To Improve On

Millions of fans around the world - why isn't eSports MUCH bigger?
By Oasley Beattie
+ TV

10 Video Games To Play If You Love Game Of Thrones

Political intrigue? Dragons? Dark fantasy? Perfect.
By Michael Llewellyn

9 Video Game Endings That Were Changed Because Of Fan Feedback

If at first you don't succeed... patch in a completely different ending a few months later.
By Josh Brown

10 Things Ubisoft Wants You To Forget

Far Cry 5?? Don't you mean "White genocide simulator"?
By Josh Brown

GTA 6: 10 Best Leaks & Rumours We Want To Come True

Now we've had some of these confirmed by an insider, GTA 6 is shaping up nicely.
By Scott Tailford

8 Disastrous Failures That Killed The Xbox One

A woeful tale of self-sabotage.
By Joe Pring

9 Tiny Issues That Ruined The Reputations Of Great Video Games

So much outrage over... fingerless gloves?!
By Scott Tailford

A Way Out Could Be The Split-Screen Revolution We've Been Waiting For

It can't just be a one-off.
By Josh Brown