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9 Flawed Video Games That Became Perfect After Release

Even the most derided games can enjoy a rags-to-riches transformation.
By Josh Brown

10 Things That Prove EA Have Completely Lost Their Way

Is Battlefront 2's microtransaction controversy a step too far, or simply the norm?
By George Foster

9 Genre-Defining Video Game Franchises That Died While You Weren't Looking

Here today, gone tomorrow.
By Joe Pring

10 Ways Activision Should Make Call Of Duty 2018

Where can COD go from here?
By Josh Brown

9 Most Annoying Video Game Sidekicks

Sidekicks who needed their bottoms kicked.
By Benjamin Richardson

The Witcher 4 Wishlist: 10 Things Fans Demand

Don't leave us hanging, CD Projekt. Don't you dare.
By Alex Bondarenko

9 Landmark Fan Outrages That Changed Expensive Video Games

Even EA will blink when they're being accused of child gambling.
By Scott Tailford

10 Video Game Openings Designed To Make You Quit

No game should demand twenty-hours of work before it becomes good.
By Callum Smith
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Football Manager 2018: 10 Tips & Secrets The Game Doesn't Tell You

Become a virtual Guardiola with these words of wisdom.
By Mark Langshaw

Star Wars: Battlefront II - What Does The Ending Really Mean?

Have we finally gotten our look at Rey's parents?
By Ewan Paterson

10 Biggest Video Game Time Sinks

"Just one more block, just one more block..."
By Duncan Forbes

11 Video Games That Will Define The Current Generation

Guaranteed to be talked about for years to come.
By Tom Powter

Pokémon Switch: 10 Ways To Make The Best Pokémon Game Ever

One game to rule 'em all.
By Joe Pring

9 Video Games That Let You Hilariously Troll Other Players

Trust issues? You probably played Dark Souls...
By Josh Brown

Kingdom Hearts 3: 10 Final Fantasy Characters Who Must Appear

Could Lightning finally strike?
By George Foster

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Reviews: 11 Early Reactions You Need To Know

Honest opinions are finally in, and they aren't holding back...
By Josh Brown

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10 Big Unannounced Video Games You'll Be Playing In 2018

After years of waiting, a true sequel to Devil May Cry 4 may only be months away.
By Josh Brown
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FIFA 19 Early Wishlist: 10 Things Fans Want To See

Managers deserve to celebrate too, EA...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Best Video Game City Breaks

See the world via your sofa.
By Benjamin Richardson

Call Of Duty: WWII - 10 Classic Multiplayer Maps That Should Return

They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To.
By Joe Pring

10 Games Hidden Within Games

When developers went all Inception on us.
By Mark Langshaw

How Bethesda Should Make The Elder Scrolls VI

The Skyrim's the limit.
By Mark Langshaw

WWE 2K18: 10 Best WCW CAWs

Get with the Madness...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Video Games That Only Make Sense If You Bought The DLC

Best way to instantly p**s off your fans? Charge them an extra $15 to see the ending.
By Josh Brown

Super Mario Odyssey - 10 Secrets And Easter Eggs Fans Will Love

Wa-Hoo it'sa Eggs!
By Sam Denton

The Legend Of Zelda - Ranking Every Gameplay Gimmick

A countdown of all the ways the Zelda series has gone out of its way to make each entry unique.
By Ollie Dean

WWE 2K18: 10 Most Realistic TNA CAWs

Sí! Sí! Sí!
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Best World War 2 Video Games Of All time

Call of Duty ain't got nothing on Brothers in Arms.
By Josh Brown

10 Harshest Ways Video Games Punish You For Rage Quitting

In Mortal Kombat, quitters don't leave with their limbs intact...
By Josh Brown

10 Things Fallout 5 Should Learn From 1 & 2

Never before has a return to the roots been more called for.
By Alex Bondarenko