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10 Things We Learned From VICE’s Dark Side Of The Ring: New Jack

Prepare to be disturbed.
By Jamie Kennedy

The True Story Behind N64's WWF Backlash Game That Never Happened

What went wrong for THQ's follow up to the beloved No Mercy?
By Jamie Kennedy

AEW To Take More Shots At WWE? - Wednesday Night War Podcast

A title match on NXT, and more Vince impressions on AEW Dynamite?!
By Adam Wilbourn

WWE Talent Reportedly Fear Losing Their Jobs Soon

Lower card talents worried about their job security once the current global situation has subsided.…
By Gareth Morgan

10 Awkward WWE WrestleMania Moments That Still Make Us Cringe

Unforgettable moments we wish weren't.
By Jacques Martin

7 Ups & 0 Downs From AEW Dark (Mar 31)

Total Nonstop (Squash) Action.
By Andy H Murray

Why WWE's Seth Rollins HATES TikTok

The 'Monday Night Messiah' wants to burn this social media app down...
By Jamie Kennedy

5 Ups & 5 Downs From WWE WrestleMania 33

"Cause I'm ready to go..."
By Michael Hamflett

When Did Eric Bischoff Know His Latest WWE Run Was A Flop?

"I was more relieved than disappointed".
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE Raw Viewership Falls Under 2 Million For WrestleMania 36 Go-Home Show

A ratings disaster for WWE ahead of 'The Show of Shows.'
By Andy H Murray

First AEW TNT Championship Tournament Wrestlers & Matches Revealed

Four wrestlers down, four more to go...
By Andy H Murray

AEW Filming Dynamite At Top Secret Location This Week

Farewell, empty Daily's Place...
By Andy H Murray

Truth Behind Montez Ford's Horrendous WWE Raw Botch

Ford took a HORRIBLE bump on this week's show.
By Andy H Murray

Why Kairi Sane Hasn't Been On WWE Television Lately

Real reason Sane hasn't been around for the WrestleMania 36 build revealed.
By Andy H Murray

6 Ups & 7 Downs From WWE's Road To WrestleMania 36

Driving off-road into some choppy seas.
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Reasons You Should STILL Be Excited For WrestleMania 36

Out with the old, in with the Drew...
By Andy H Murray

10 WWE Star Making Moments That Changed Nothing

Don't you just love it when WWE produce a new star?! They're reeeeeally good at it, you know...
By Gareth Morgan

10 Wrestlers Who Got A WrestleMania Singles Match Before Dolph Ziggler

By Michael Hamflett

The Exact Moment Edge Knew He Could Wrestle Again

What revelation did the 'Rated-R Superstar' have, and when?
By Jamie Kennedy

8 Stars Who Walked Out On WWE WrestleMania

The Show of No-shows.
By Benjamin Richardson

8 Times Fighters Won When They Should Have Been DQ'd

These fighters utilised illegal techniques and came out with a victory.
By Adrian Bishop

Why Triple H Is Happy He's Not Wrestling At WrestleMania 36

'The Game' is thankful he wasn't booked on WWE's biggest show.
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE Raw Review Podcast - WrestleMania 36 Go-Home Show!

Monday Night Raw teased big things for 'Mania weekend...
By Adam Wilbourn

5 Ups And 3 Downs From WWE Raw (March 30)

Bloated 16-match WrestleMania card gets final push from red brand.
By Scott Carlson

How AEW Just Took Fan Service Too Far

In which AEW must Do The Work.
By Michael Sidgwick

AEW TNT Championship: Predicting All 8 Men In The Tournament

Crowning Le Champion Jr.
By Adam Clery

10 Wrestling Championship Reigns That Didn't Fit The Wrestler

A wrestler is defined by their championship reigns, but that doesn't mean we agree with it.
By Steven Hooke

Will Ospreay Technically Classed As "Obese"?!

A little light-hearted news coming out of the NJPW camp...
By Jamie Kennedy

How Well Do You Remember WWE WrestleMania 35?

A lot has happened in WWE since WrestleMania 35. How well do you remember last year's event?
By Zac Jones

Jim Cornette Shoots On Jake Roberts' WWE Title Comments

Shooting on 'The Snake' for shooting on Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels...
By Jamie Kennedy