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IMPACT Release Scarlett Bordeaux

Company grant Knockouts star release.
By Benjamin Richardson

Sami Callihan's Ugly MLW Exit; Spits On Jim Cornette, "$10,000" Property Damaged

Major League Wrestling star was also an agent for the group...
By Michael Hamflett

Report: Shane McMahon's Push Is "Infuriating" The WWE Roster

Disgruntled fans aren't the only ones upset with 'The Best In The World.'
By Andrew Murray

WWE Quiz: How Well Do You Know NXT Superstar Kyle O’Reilly? User quiz

Summon your inner Kyle O’Reilly and air guitar your way to a perfect score! Boom!
By Dylan Rush

10 Wrestlers Who Became WWE Champion The Quickest

It's not always a long road to the top in WWE.
By Andrew Murray

How This AEW Star Was Nearly A Wyatt Family Member

Follow The Buzz.
By Michael Hamflett

The Real Reason Jon Moxley Won't Appear On New Japan's G1 Climax Opener

The 'International Purveyor Of Violence' gets left at home.
By Adam Clery

WWE Quiz: Who Has The Longest Single Reign For Every Current WWE Championship? quiz

It's not about what you do with it, it's about how long you can do it... right?
By Connor B

Top WWE "Babyface" Seth Rollins Destroys 3 Innocent Men On Raw

The Beast Slayer became the worst kind of WWE "good guy" last night.
By Andrew Murray

Aero Star Survives Horrific Lucha Libre Bump After Dive Gone Wrong

The high-flying star lost his mind on a recent AAA show.
By Andrew Murray

5 WWE Superstars Becky Lynch MUST Face In 2020

The Man has dominated WWE - but Straight Fire can't afford to fizzle out...
By Leah Flavell

Rumour: WWE Stomping Grounds Set For MAJOR Last-Minute Changes?

Is the 23 June pay-per-view set for a big shake-up?
By Andrew Murray

Wrestler Suffers Bloody Injury During WWE Main Event Tapings

Things got grisly before last night's WWE Raw.
By Andrew Murray

Samoa Joe Vs. Ricochet US Title Match Set For WWE Stomping Grounds

The One & Only won a huge number one contender's match last night.
By Andrew Murray

Jon Moxley To Miss Major NJPW G1 Climax Show In Dallas, Texas

The IWGP United States Champion won't be in the house on 6 July.
By Andrew Murray

Fenix & Pentagon's Mystery AEW Fyter Fest Tag Partner REVEALED

The Lucha Brothers have recruited a real rising star to face The Elite.
By Andrew Murray

10 WWE Stars That Should Have Won The World Title Sooner

Plenty of ex-WCW names and some returning stars...
By Elliott Binks

WWE Quiz - What Year Did These PPVs Debut? User quiz

From Wrestlemania to Taboo Tuesday, how well do you know WWE Pay-Per-Views?
By Shaun Doswell

10 Best Possible Last Words Of Vince McMahon

"Life SUCKS, and then you die!"
By Michael Hamflett

10 Best WWE Arm Wrestling Matches

We found out what it is Mark Henry "does".
By Michael Sidgwick

8 Ridiculous WWE Special Guest Referee Outfits gallery

If you can't squeeze into the stripes, short shorts will do.
By Benjamin Richardson

5 WWE Superstars Who Could Carry The Undertaker To A Great Match

A dream match that could actually deliver?!
By Michael Patterson

WWE Gallery: Rare Superstar Gear You've Never Seen gallery

Ric Flair was once a 'Friend of Nature Boy'.
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Most Unique Ways Wrestlers Took WWE Finishers

The art of selling...
By Jamie Kennedy

Scarlett Bordeaux Involved In Disturbing Fan Incident In Mexico

The wantaway Impact star has spoken out on the incident.
By Andrew Murray

The Real Reason THIS Star Rejected WWE & AEW

America's big leagues aren't the only shops in town in 2019.
By Andrew Murray

Matt Riddle Won't Be Leaving WWE NXT For "A Very Long Time"

Good news for those who love the Original Bro.
By Andrew Murray

Lucha Brothers Defeat The Young Bucks In HUGE AEW Double Or Nothing Rematch

Fenix and Pentagon became AAA Tag Team Champions this weekend.
By Andrew Murray

NJPW G1 Climax 29 Participants And Blocks Revealed

Who has Jon Moxley been paired with?
By Benjamin Richardson

8 Most Memorable WWE Father/Son Moments

A big hand for Mark Henry on Father's Day.
By Benjamin Richardson