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Cody Rhodes Claim AEW Has "Over 40" Talents Under Contract

The Executive Vice President makes a bold claim ahead of Double Or Nothing.
By Andrew Murray

Are WWE Hiding The Severity Of Daniel Bryan's Latest Injury?

The former WWE Champion may be in more trouble than WWE are letting on.
By Andrew Murray

Suicide Squad 2: John Cena In Talks To Replace Dave Bautista

Could the WWE legend be playing Peacemaker?
By Simon Gallagher

Luke Harper's WWE Contract Expiry Date Revealed

When can the former Bludgeon Brother officially leave WWE?
By Andrew Murray

Sasha Banks To No-Show WWE Money In The Bank 2019?

Banks is booked for the 19 May PPV, but don't bet on her appearing...
By Andrew Murray

Samoa Joe Moving To WWE Raw For Braun Strowman Feud?

The United States Champion is on his way to the flagship show.
By Andrew Murray

10 Things You Only Learn Attending WWE WrestleMania Live

Get your passport, hit the airport, but you've got to sort out your own transport.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Things We Learned From WWE Chronicle: Roman Reigns Part 2

The Big Dog's battle isn't over yet.
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Recent WWE Burials We Just Can't Explain

Raw and SmackDown Live stars finding new depths of despair...
By Michael Hamflett

The Real Reason Luke Harper Tried To Quit WWE

From Axxess To Egress.
By Adam Clery
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WWE Quiz: Who Said It: Stephanie McMahon Or Steve Jobs? quiz

Steph or Steve – whose quote was it?
By Jacques Martin

WWE Quiz: Lars Sullivan - How Much Do You Know About The Freak? quiz

Take our quiz and find out!
By Adam Wilbourn

WWE's Alexander Wolfe Says Goodbye, Update On Status

What are the implications of Sanity's split?
By Benjamin Richardson

WWE Quiz: Who's Finisher Is It Anyway? NXT UK Edition User quiz

Put your NXT UK knowledge to the test...
By Dylan Rush

WWE Superstar Shake-Up 2019: Every Wrestler Who Moved To SmackDown gallery

The Big Dog and Finn Balor jump ship to Tuesday nights.
By Andrew Murray

10 Things We Learned From Tommaso Ciampa On Edge & Christian’s Podcast

"I have no clue, so I'm just doing my best not to think about it."
By Jamie Kennedy

9 Wrestlers Who Came Back From The Dead

With funeral plot holes like these, it's no wonder WWE needs a Continuity Editor.
By Benjamin Richardson

WWE's Luke Harper Requests Release

"The decision feels right for myself and WWE."
By Benjamin Richardson

Why The Viking Experience Shows Vince McMahon Has FINALLY Lost It

The So-Bad-It’s-Good Era marches bravely on…
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Wrestlers Who Pooped Their Pants In The Ring

The drizzles.
By Michael Sidgwick

WWE Quiz: How Well Do You Know New Day Member Xavier Woods? quiz

How well do you know the gaming obsessed, 'Booty O' loving Xavier?
By Charlie Mason

WWE's Sami Zayn: 15 Remarkable Instagram Photos Taken During His Recovery gallery

What other career lets you go on vacation while you recover from bilateral shoulder surgery?
By Jeffrey Valencia

Batista's WWE WrestleMania Matches Ranked From Worst To Best

'The Animal' unleashed...
By Tomás Cunha

WWE Superstar Shake-Up 2019: Every Wrestler Who Moved To Raw gallery

AJ Styles highlights Raw's new roster additions.
By Andrew Murray

Dean Ambrose Appears AGAIN After Last Night's WWE Raw Goes Off The Air

Another dark "farewell" segment for the departing 'Lunatic Fringe.'
By Andrew Murray

War Raiders Debut On WWE Raw As "The Viking Experience"

New names for the reigning NXT Tag Team Champions.
By Andrew Murray

WWE Tease "Biggest Acquisition In SmackDown History" In Tonight's Superstar Shake-Up

The Superstar Shake-Up SHOULD bring a huge name to Tuesday nights.
By Andrew Murray

WWE Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Hardy Boyz? quiz

QUIZ Xtreme!
By Adam Wilbourn

10 Things We Learned From WWE Untold: Sting

Think you know why Triple H beat Sting at WrestleMania 31? Think again...
By Jamie Kennedy

The REAL Reason WWE Won’t Pay Wrestlers Healthcare

Death, Taxes & Vince McMahon.
By Michael Hamflett