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10 Reasons You Should Be Watching The Harley Quinn TV Show

Who Would Have Thought Clayface Could Be So Funny?
By Matt Thompson

10 Times Batman Died (And What Happened Next)

When the Dark Knight falls, you better believe there's going to be an impact in the DC…
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Secrets Of The Batcave Explained

Breaking down the backstory of the Batcave's most fascinating artefacts.
By Andrew Pollard

10 Most Dangerous Spider-Man Villains

Spider-Man's rogues gallery is full of dangerous foes, but which villains are the deadliest?
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Superpowers You Never Knew Batman Once Had

The Caped Crusader may be just a man, but he's also unleashed some epic superpowers!
By Josh Wilding

10 Spider-Man Sidekicks Everyone Forgets

Every once in a while, Spidey lets someone swing by his side.
By Jonathan H. Kantor

How Odin Lost His Eye

Because knowledge comes at a cost.
By Andrew Pollard

10 Superman Rip-Offs Who Are Stronger Than The Man Of Steel

Look in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's... wait... who is that?
By James Egan

10 Amazing Comics You Can Read Entirely Through Instagram

The best things in life are free, and so are these incredible comic strips!
By Jimmy Kavanagh

10 Comics Fates Worse Than Death

Most reasonable people would prefer the sweet release of death rather than suffer these…
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Reasons Why Robin Is The Hero Gotham Deserves

The Boy Wonder deserves top billing...
By Luke Hemming

10 Justice League Villains MORE Powerful Than Darkseid

All the rogues that could spell the end of the world, even for Apokolips.
By Tim Goodings

10 Crazy Comic Books Way Better Than They Had Any Right To Be

In the world of comics, anything can happen.
By Early Ray Mixon

10 X-Men Characters Who Look Nothing Like The Movies

It took two movies to get the Juggernaut right, but some characters were never perfected…
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Strongest Forms Of Wolverine

He may be the best there is at what he does, but which version of Wolverine is the strongest of…
By Jonathan H. Kantor

MCU Quiz: Who Killed The Villain?

Do you think you're smarter than Tony Stark or Shuri?
By Usmaan Rashid

10 Best Superhero Friendships You Never Knew Existed

Who knew Doombot had so many friends?
By Zoë Miskelly

What Batman Really Thinks Of Every Gotham Villain

The Dark Knight's innermost thoughts.
By Zoë Miskelly

DC Comics Quiz: Can You Match The Hero To Their Home City?

From Gotham to Gorilla City, the DC Universe has a place for everybody!
By Connor McG

25 Stunning DC Comic Panels You Must See gallery

DC Comics printed some of the best artwork in the history of the medium this year.
By Michael Cross

10 Great Superman Stories That Could Save The DCEU

You can always count on Big Blue to save the day..
By David Ng'ethe

10 Moments Marvel Have Chosen To Ignore

Not all continuity is created equally...
By Kevin McHugh

10 Obscure Comics Secrets That Took Years To Discover

It may have taken years, but the payoff on these secrets was well worth the wait.
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Insanely Awkward Moments In Marvel Comics History

Falling in love with teenagers has happened WAY too many times in Marvel Comics.
By James Egan

10 Shocking Cover Ups DC Comics Wants You To Forget

DC has been pumping out books for nearly a century, but some secrets are better left in the…
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Comics Panels Where You Really Didn't Want To Turn The Next Page

Sometimes turning the page isn't easy.
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Most Messed Up Junji Ito Moments

The Junji Ito moments you can't unsee.
By Andy Murray

5 Things We Don't Miss About '90s Comics (And 5 We Do)

Looking back on an unforgettable era. 
By Anthony Hunt

10 Most Awkward Moments In DC Comics History

Looking at the most uncomfortable moments in the history of DC Comics.
By James Egan

10 Best Spider-Man: The Animated Series Episodes

From The Sins of the Fathers to Neogenic Nightmare, these chapters were among the best…
By Nick Dauk

10 Comic Book Crazes You Totally Forgot Were A Thing

Comics go through trends and crazes from time to time, and some are better left in the past...
By Jonathan H. Kantor

25 Best Comic Book Covers Of 2019 gallery

Comics are art.
By Anne West

10 Pettiest Things The Punisher Has Killed People Over

Pick up your trash, or Frank will pick you off.
By Simon Winter

10 Insane Alternate Versions Of Thor You Won't Believe Exist

From the sublime to the ridiculous, Thor's done it all.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About 90s Superman Cartoon

The producers just couldn't stop interfering...
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Worst Things Comic Villains Have Done To Regular People

Why can't these super-villains just play fair for once in their lives?
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Comic Book Characters That Broke Wolverine

He may be nearly unkillable but he's far from unbreakable.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Comic Characters You Didn't Know Were Related

Like Jeremy Kyle, but with superpowers.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Comics Fan Theories Rejected By The Creators

Just because a fan-theory sounds like a great idea doesn't mean that it is true.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Villains Superman Has NEVER Defeated

Just because you're the "World's Greatest" doesn't mean you can't have a couple slip ups.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Comics Heroes Who Broke Their Mentor's Rules

Superhero rules are made to be broken.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Worst Things That Ever Happened To Deadpool

From decapitations to heartbreaks, the Merc with a Mouth has endured ungodly suffering.
By WhatCulture Comics

What Happened To Everyone Who Became Ghost Rider?

It's not all about Johnny Blaze, believe it or not.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Times Superman Ruined Lex Luthor’s Life

Making him sell his soul might have been a step too far.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Surprising Superhero Team-Ups You Won't Believe

Batman and Elmer Fudd teamed up?
By WhatCulture Comics

7 Comic Book Story Arcs That Were Never Finished (And Why)

One day you're crafting the best Galactus comic ever, and then...
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Comic Book Characters Who Underwent Horrifying Transformations

Some character changes are difficult to stomach.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Worst Things Deadpool Has Ever Done

He's a baaaddd guy...
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Comic Book Supervillains Who Have Died The Most

No matter how many times you try, you just can't keep a good supervillain down.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Comics Too Big To Fail (That Did Anyway)

Lesson one when rebooting the Marvel Universe?
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Most Unexpectedly Powerful Marvel Villains

Sometimes it's the most obscure baddies that you need to be the most afraid of.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Worst Things The Justice League Has Ever Done

Is it just us, or does this League still have a lot to learn about Justice?
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Shocking Cover Ups Marvel Wants You To Forget

Marvel is not here to make friends, but if they are, they're incredibly bad at it.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Most Devastating Comic Book Endings

Anyone who says they can read For the Man Who Has Everything and not tear up is a liar.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Carnage

He's far more powerful (and far more scary) than you could possibly imagine...
By WhatCulture Comics

Is The Hulk Immortal?

The MCU might be a whole lot wilder than we thought.
By WhatCulture Comics

12 Shocking Batman Movie Plans That Almost Happened

By WhatCulture Comics

10 Worst Things Robin Has Ever Done To Batman

Boy Wonder?
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Insane Alternate Versions Of The Thing You Won't Believe Exist

You may know one Thing, you may know a lot of Things, but you don't know every Thing!
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Most Powerful Weapons In Anime History

Demon slaying swords?
By WhatCulture Comics

How To Turn Yourself Into DOMINO Cosplay & Make-Up Tutorial

Join Kirsten as she teaches you how to transform yourself into Domino!
By WhatCulture Comics

10 Biggest WTF TMNT Moments

Turns out killing Hitler is the totally radical.
By WhatCulture Comics

10 HUGE Comics Moments (That Were Revealed In Spin-Offs)

So how DID Thanos get the Infinity Gauntlet?
By WhatCulture Comics