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Secret Six: 9 Things You Need To Know

With a TV show on the horizon, who exactly are the Secret Six?
By A.J. Carey

8 Amazing Ways Stan Lee Changed Comics Forever

Excelsior, to the real-life hero of Marvel Comics.
By Ewan Paterson
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Young Justice: Outsiders - Everything We Know So Far

What can we expect from DC Universe's latest animated series?
By Thor Magnusson

Stan Lee Dies At 95

He leaves behind an immeasurable legacy.
By Ewan Paterson

DC Comics Quiz: How Well Do You Know John Constantine? User quiz

Can you master this quiz all about the Hellblazer?
By Davis Cameron

10 Unbelievable Retcons That Changed Comics For The Better

Wolverine's claws weren't always as cool as you think they are...
By A.J. Carey
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Avengers Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know Black Panther? quiz

How much do you know about Marvel’s first black superhero?
By Justin Boo

10 Embarrassing Supervillains Marvel Wants You To Forget

Marvel presents... Asbestos Lady?!
By Jonathan H. Kantor
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MCU Phase 4: 5 Comic Book Storylines Marvel Must Avoid

We hate to tell you, but Secret Invasion just cannot work.
By Louis Nokes

10 Criminally Underrated Marvel Comics You Must Read

Marvel is SO much more than The Avengers.
By A.J. Carey
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10 DC Villains To Watch Out For In 2019 On Film & TV

It's not all about the DCEU, y'know.
By Ewan Paterson
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Avengers Quiz: How Well Do You Know Captain America? quiz

The First Avenger has been going for almost 80 years, but can you beat this Marvel quiz?
By D.J. Rivera

Venom: 11 WTF Moments Not Used In The Film

"Weird" doesn't even BEGIN to cover it...
By Motzie Dapul

10 Criminally Underrated DC Comics You Must Read

Batman, but not as you remember.
By A.J. Carey

The IMPOSSIBLE Harley Quinn Quiz User quiz

How well do you know the Joker's original sidekick?
By Alan Grant
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MCU Phase 4: 8 Major Comics That Could Inspire Its Story

Two words: Everything. Dies.
By Ewan Paterson

Predicting Marvel's New Guardians Of The Galaxy

Drax, Rocket and Gamora out... what's next for Marvel's cosmic team?
By Stacey Henley
+ Film

The Eternals: Everything You Need To Know

Having trouble wrapping your head around the MCU's latest additions? We're here to help!
By Ewan Paterson

Captain Marvel: 12 Major Characters From The Comics You Need To Know

Brie Larson's hero is heading to the MCU, but who's most likely to join her?
By Motzie Dapul

10 Things Everyone Always Gets Wrong About The X-Men

With great popularity, comes great misinformation...
By Ewan Paterson