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Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 29: Everything You Need To Know!

Pizza fries, zombies and ghosts; oh my!
By Jen Gallie

Harry Potter Book Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Philosopher's Stone?

Only true Harry Potter fans will know the answers to these questions...
By Jacob Wilkins

10 Fascinating Stories Behind Stephen King's Most Famous Books

King encounters dog. King is attacked by dog. King writes Cujo.
By Sam Hill

10 Most Brutal African Dictators

Hearts of Darkness.
By Benjamin Richardson

8 Biggest WTF Stories To Come Out Of Florida

If this isn't the strangest state in the US, then we don't want to know what is.
By Aundre Jacobs

10 Weirdest Celebrity Conspiracy Theories You Won't Believe

Celebrities; they're just like us. Unless they're a mutant lizard sent to Earth to eat garbage.
By Jake Black

A Song Of Ice And Fire: Every Book Ranked Worst To Best

"A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone."
By Scott Banner

6 Reasons To Believe We Are Actually Living In A Computer Simulation

Is this base reality, or are we just a souped-up version of This Sims?
By Jacques Martin

10 Reasons To Stop Hating On J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling may be too vocal on Twitter, but does she really deserve all the hate she gets?
By Jacob Wilkins

8 Mind-Blowing Facts About Beer

Apparently, even brown bears love beer.
By Jacques Martin

10 Writers Who Wrote Famous Works While Wasted

What’s so bad about being drunk? Ask a glass of water.
By Jack Morrell

Halloween Horror Nights 2019 Houses Hype List Ranked!

We're getting hyped up for Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 2019.
By Jen Gallie

9 "What Ifs..." That Would Change Everything

In a parallel universe, the dinosaur queen rules.
By Stevie Shephard

5 Famous Musician Ghost Hauntings

Because some legends never truly die.
By Jacques Martin

Halloween Marathon Of Mayhem Show Announced At Universal Orlando Resort

Horror is about to take over the lagoon at Universal Studios Florida.
By Jen Gallie

7 Things Conspiracy Theorists Believe Happened Inside Area 51

What mysteries lie beyond the gates?
By Jacques Martin

25 Video Game Mechanics That Simply Don't Work In Real Life

You'd never struggle to reach the thing on the shelf at the store if you could double jump.
By Dan Curtis

House Of 1000 Corpses Announced For Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2019

Get up close and personal with the Firefly family at Halloween Horror Nights 2019.
By Jen Gallie

10 Best Harry Potter Chapters

"After all this time?"
By Jacob Wilkins

Universal Orlando Resort Reveal Scare Zones And The Return Of Academy Of Villains For Halloween Horror Nights 2019

Get those Twinkies ready, Zombieland is going to be coming to Universal's HHN29.
By Jen Gallie

10 Countries Where The Capital Isn’t The City That You’d Expect

Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte To You Too Sir!
By Alex Antliff

Jordan Peele's "Us" Confirmed For Halloween Horror Nights 2019

Are you about to become your own worst enemy?
By Jen Gallie

10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Ghosts Are Real 1M+ Views

We're ready to believe them!
By Tom Baker

8 Bizarre Things Science Has Taught Us About Sex

Putting the bond in bondage.
By Stevie Shephard

9 Radio-Friendly Songs About Murdering Somebody

Who knew killing someone could be so catchy?
By jay royston

10 Most Violent Pirates In History

Warning: This content is not for the squeamish.
By Jacques Martin

Universal Orlando Resort Announce New Epic Universe Theme Park

Who's ready to step into an Epic Universe at Universal Orlando Resort.
By Jen Gallie

13 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries That Need To Be Turned Into Movies

Movie mysteries guaranteed to keep you up at night...
By Jake Black

13 Great Songs About Death

In life, only birth, death and taxes are guaranteed. Yet only one of these are actually interesting.…
By Steven Hooke

10 Famous Photographs That Fooled Everyone

Learn the full stories behind some of the world's most famous images.
By Tom Butler