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10 Mythical Creatures That Actually Existed

Dragons, griffins, and krakens, oh my! These cryptids were actually real animals.
By Jonathan H. Kantor

Michael Myers Returns To Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2022

Will you be able to make it out of the house alive, or will Michael claim you as one of his…
By Jen Gallie

Harry Potter Quiz: Who Said It - Lord Voldemort Or Grindelwald?

How much do you know about two of the most infamous men in the wizarding world?
By Jen Gallie

20 Useless Facts You Probably Didn’t Need To Know

That cutesy dolphin? He's watching you as he sleeps...
By Jamie Kennedy

Mario Kart Is Coming To Super Nintendo World At Universal Studios Hollywood In 2023

More Details Unleashed About Mario Kart: Bowser's Challenge.
By Jen Gallie

10 Popular History Myths (You Probably Believe)

What are historical misconceptions, if not propaganda, mythmaking and lies persevering?
By Dustin Crawford

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Opens At Walt Disney World

Ride with Star-Lord, Rocket and Groot as they take on a celestial threat to humanity.
By Jen Gallie

10 Endings Stephen King Actually Got Right

He has received criticism for his endings, but these prove to be the exception to the rule!
By Sean Ferrick

10 Weirdest Stephen King Stories You Need To Read

When you write as many stories as Stephen King, sometimes things can get a little weird...
By Niall Gray

5 Things You Need To Know About Marvel Avengers Campus At Disneyland Paris

From 20th July we can all become super heroes at Disneyland Paris.
By Jen Gallie

Harry Potter: 10 Amazing Chapters That Aren’t In The Movies

If you haven't read the Harry Potter books, you're seriously missing out...
By Jacob Wilkins

13 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries That Need To Be Turned Into Movies

Movie mysteries guaranteed to keep you up at night...
By Jake Black

10 Weirdest Ways Famous Ancient Greeks Died

Have you ever thought you were God and jumped into a volcano to prove it?
By Adam Nicholson

Halloween Horror Nights 2022 First House Revealed - Universal Monsters: Legends Collide

Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood announce this year's first maze.
By Jen Gallie

What Really Happens In Your Last 24 Hours On Death Row?

Hopefully, you'll never have to learn what happens during your last 24 hours on death row.
By Jonathan H. Kantor

How Death Row Is Different Around The World

Crime and punishment across the world.
By Josh Mills

What Happens When You Only Drink Coke Or Pepsi?

You may love Coke and/or Pepsi, but what would happen to your body if it's the only thing you…
By Jonathan H. Kantor

8 Crazy Mysteries That Were Solved On Reddit

Online sleuths banded together to tackle these puzzles.
By Adrian Bishop

7 Harry Potter Characters Sorted Into The Wrong Hogwarts House

Sometimes the Sorting Hat is just plain wrong...
By Richard Kraus

9 Crazy Mysteries Solved On The Internet

The internet isn't always useless, sometimes it does a better job than the cops!
By Amy Rapeer

Harry Potter: 5 Slytherins Who Were Heroes Not Villains

These Slytherins were some of the bravest people in the wizarding world...
By Jacob Wilkins

10 Careless Mistakes That Got Serial Killers Caught

The most vile, wretched, and prolific serial killers of all time, brought down by... a traffic…
By Nick Dauk

Universal Orlando Resort Halloween Horror Nights 2022 Tickets Go On Sale

Horror fans have been waiting with bated breath to find out when the doors will open for HHN31.
By Jen Gallie

10 Scariest Stephen King Novels

They don't call him the King of horror for nothing (& not just as it's an obvious pun on his…
By Ben Bussey

9 Deadly Fashion Trends That Actually Killed People

"Fashion victims" on a whole other level.
By Stevie Shephard

10 Most Bizarre Ways To Become Famous

Some are born weird, some achieve weirdness, and some have weirdness thrust upon them.
By Jack Morrell

10 Most Underrated Stephen King Books Of All Time

The King of Horror's most underappreciated tales.
By Aidan Whatman

10 Spookiest Hollywood Stories And Urban Legends

Grave robbers, cults, curses and the terrors of Tinseltown...
By Mark Donaldson

10 Theories About The Identity Of Jack The Ripper

No serial killer has captured the imagination quite like Jack the Ripper.
By Jay Anderson

Zodiac Case: Every Suspect That Was Seriously Considered

Is this the Zodiac speaking? Maybe we'll never know...
By Laura Doyle

10 True Crime Documentaries That Got Cases Reopened

More than just morbid entertainment, these documentaries actually impacted the cases they…
By David Bowles

8 Hidden Secrets In The Mona Lisa

Pregnancies, horses and high cholesterol, oh my!
By Tom Baker

10 Serial Killers Who Turned Themselves In

When murderers reach their breaking point.
By Jack Pooley

12 World War II Moments (That Hardly Anybody Ever Talks About)

There are so many things that Hollywood and history teachers don't cover enough...
By Alex Antliff

10 Worst Ways People Have Been Tortured To Death

History's most horrific tortures were both brilliant and barbaric...
By Jonathan H. Kantor

10 Confusing Movie End Credits FINALLY Explained

If you lose an important file, Stephen Fry is your guy!
By WhatCulture

10 Seriously Twisted Quests In Video Games

What lurks in Night City...
By WhatCulture Gaming

20 Things You Somehow Missed In Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

By WhatCulture Star Wars

8 Dumbest Decisions In Paranormal Horror Movies

By WhatCulture Horror

7 Upcoming Movies That Are Definitely Going To Bomb

Star Trek 4 and Dungeons & Dragons - Chris Pine is about to have a really bad 2023.
By WhatCulture

10 Video Games That Are Even Better Than You Remember

Arkham is still the GOAT.
By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Video Game Moments That Made NO SENSE

By WhatCulture Gaming

8 Better TV Series That Were Secretly Hidden In Shows

Everyone wants to see a TV series dedicated to THAT Obi-Wan Kenobi flashback, right?
By WhatCulture

Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel "Orion" CONFIRMED!! Plus FIVE New Witcher Games?!

Out of nowhere, SEVEN new CD Projekt RED games have been confirmed.
By WhatCulture Gaming

Why Star Trek: Picard Needs A Spinoff

Titan-A series anyone?
By TrekCulture

10 Worst Horror Movie Prequels Ever Made

By WhatCulture Horror

10 Immortal Comic Characters (Who Actually Died)

Nothing lasts forever.…
By WhatCulture Comics

8 Upcoming Video Games You Are NOT Ready For

Welcome to Tues Your Own Adventure!
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Actors Who Thought They Were Absolutely Sh*t At Acting

Those times actors felt they just weren't all that good at the whole "acting" thing...
By WhatCulture

10 Awesome Video Game Villains You Never See

Who's really pulling the strings??
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Horror Movie Endings You Can No Longer See

By WhatCulture Horror

Sony What Are You DOING

Was Last of Us Part 1 only the beginning?
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Video Game Achievements You Had To Die To Unlock

What's a shark attack towards 100% completion?
By WhatCulture Gaming

7 Heroic Acts In Movies Which Made Absolutely No Difference

"Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy."
By WhatCulture

10 Most Value For Money RPGs In Gaming

More bang for your coin.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Star Trek Actors Who Appeared On Stargate

So how do you prefer to travel, Warp Speed or through an Astria Porta?…
By TrekCulture

10 Video Games That Are Far Creepier Than They Look

By WhatCulture Gaming

20 Things You Somehow Missed In Inglourious Basterds

Every frame of Tarantino's revisionist masterpiece is filled with hidden details.
By WhatCulture

10 Movies That Picked The Wrong Twist

The Village should've made the monsters real at the end.
By WhatCulture

20 Things You Didn't Know About Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

By WhatCulture Star Wars

10 Best Hidden Gem RPGs Of The Last 10 Years

Greedfall deserves your attention.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Awful Trailers For Surprisingly Good Horror Movies

By WhatCulture Horror

10 Best DLC Packs Of The Last 15 Years

Nobody does DLC like CD Projekt RED.
By WhatCulture Gaming

10 Opening Movie Scenes That Wanted To Make You Uncomfortable

These scenes were tailor-made to leave you squirming.
By WhatCulture

10 Movie Characters Who Actually Knew When To Quit

These characters all knew when it was time to dip.
By WhatCulture